Members of the OrangeSlices AI team attended Wednesday’s HHS & CMS Online Happy Hour event.  

If you don’t go to this recurring and increasingly popular event hosted by Shelley McGuire, you are missing out. It is always a fun and well-run event filled with valuable updates and connections added every time. (Track her events here)  

In the interests of sharing what we heard, for those who were unable to attend, included here are a few insights related to several upcoming and active requirements from across the Department of Health and Human Services, National Institutes of Health, and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.  

Opportunity Updates* 

*Please note that this is the way OS AI heard it. If you are pursuing any of these opportunities, we encourage you to validate this information. We all know how quickly things can change. If anyone heard something different from what we provided, please message us at and we will make any changes necessary. 

In addition, these dates were just what info was provided at the happy hour and have the potential to be quite different, so take it for what it is worth. The opportunities are real, but the release dates can vary greatly as this is understood to be a placeholder date from the government. 

ATTN: CMS PEO IDIQ Holders: A Sources Sought will be coming out soon from Gina Romano. The new requirement is for the DMEPOS database licensing solution. One question will be looking to better understand what work, if any, can be competed as a set-aside action. 

NIH Regulatory Affairs Support – This will be a small business set-aside action coming from Joshua Lazarus. Expect this to be released mid-February as of now.  

NIH National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NIBIB) Innovation Funnel Award Management – This is expected to be recompeted as unrestricted with the CO being Roxane Burkett and Melanie Peel serving as the CS. This is to be released on in early February.

NIH Clinical Research Report Services (CRRS) – Expect this to be competed as unrestricted. The CO Iris Merscher. This is expected to be released on in early February. 

Business Intelligence and Innovative Technology (BIT) – Expected to be competed as 8(a) competitive, Dawn Wilkins is the CO. This is anticipated to be released on GSA MAS in mid-February.  

NIH STARRRS Coordination Center and Digital Data Resource (CCDDR) – This is expected to be competed as a small business set-aside action. Kevin Alvarez is the POC. This is to be released on SAM in mid-February. 

Civil Money Penalty (CMP) Application and CMP Reinvestment State Plan Reviews. Expected to be released as a WOSB set-aside action with Ryan Kauffman as the CO, this is anticipated to be released on GSA . The date and exact vehicle are tbd, but this has passed several hurdles, so the release could be soon.  

CMS Section 508 Program Support – Expected to be released on 8(a) STARS III in mid-February, Yadira Kelly and Theodore Luster are the POCs. 

Three of the requirements on the street that dominated some of the breakout room and sidebar chatter include the: 

NIH Application Development and Information Technology Services (ADITS) This small business set-aside action is reported to have been released on CIO-SP3 in mid-January. 

HHS support – Market research is being conducted by HHS for for content development and online product development. This is reported to have been released on eBuy in mid-January.

And of course, the $100M+ HHS HRSA BMISS RFI.

Two other notable items: 

The CMS and HHS community was well represented this month with more than a dozen firms named to the list of 2023 Elev8 GovCon honorees. This comes as no surprise as the HHS/CMS community is one of the most forward-looking and innovative communities in the Federal sector today.  

Just Announced: You asked. We heard. OS AI just opened an FY 2023 Early Adopter Gold Plus Package. This is the first and only Early Adopter package offered publicly. Note: There is a limited number available, and the last set sold out early. This Opportunity closes on February 3rd. This is your chance to Come and Grow with OS AI.   

Additional Data 

Included here are just a few of the HHS oriented items posted to OrangeSlices AI over the past few months 

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