Updated June 5, 2023

The Nominations for the next iteration of Elev8 GovCon awardees is now open. Find out more here.

The Federal GovCon sector continues to be one of the most complex and competitive marketplaces in the world and the consistent and long-term winners of today and tomorrow are those companies which understand they must not only bring to the table efficient and effective solutions, but also a corporate culture that demonstrates their own excellence, making them a beacon for talent, for partners, and for clients.

The defined characteristics of these winners (detailed below), which we summarize as being drivers to Elev8 GovCon, provide a major competitive edge, to include in higher levels of employee and customer engagement and loyalty which translate into higher growth and profits. The companies recognized, and the leaders guiding these teams forward, understand what it takes and are models of #doingittherightway. #Elev8GovCon  

We are pleased to announce the 2023 Elev8 GovCon Honorees, a list comprised of inaugural honorees and those recently selected from the open nomination period. Those nominees selected submitted applications demonstrating they met higher standards for culture, engagement and giving back which were corroborated by both an employee and partner submission.

The 2023 Elev8 GovCon honorees include an outstanding group of companies that clearly stand out from the competition based on their actions and the impact they and their leaders have on their employees, and as part of the larger GovCon community.   

Congratulations to all of these firms for being recognized by their employees, partners, and customers for the high standards they set and maintain.  #elev8govcon 

Did you miss the nomination announcement? Do you think you work for or with a company that deserves to be on this list? As this is a new recognition, for this year only we will be adding a mid-year on-ramp to this list. Nominations will open and be announced this Spring. Follow us here if you want to take part in the conversation to #elev8govcon.

Elev8 companies are evaluated and stand out based on their outstanding characteristics in 8 key areas:  

Expound Corporate Culture   

A culture that goes beyond a simple statement to be defined, evolving and authentic; anything less is easy to see and in today’s marketplace, to be avoided by those who have options.  

Evidence of Mission Focus  

Demonstrating mission focus, beyond a statement to the effect, either supporting organizations that align with a client’s community or through its own specifically defined mission, shows real purpose and intent to potential clients and partners.  

Execution as a Good Partner  

Partners come in many shapes, sizes and with different purposes but those who do it the right way are partners others seek and partners anyone would happily engage again. Other words that may define this category include ethical, reputable, moral, upright, and exemplary.  

Employee Focused  

Whatever its infrastructure, a company is driven by people and those who understand, value, appreciate and that find ways to demonstrate this in concrete terms. In return these companies are able to attract and retain key talent that drives continued success.  

Engage Community  

Whether it is hosting or sponsoring the development of events intended to support the community, giving employees time to volunteer or going out to volunteer as a team, companies that ‘do it right’ all seem to have some component of giving back that is authentic and appreciated.  

Encourage Inclusivity  

Better for the diversity we bring, unique for the ideas of the individual, variety is the spice of life, all drive home the value of inclusivity, of hiring people who are different, of finding ways to have those voices heard, and of combining those personalities on shared efforts for the betterment of all involved.  

Embrace Philanthropy  

Narrowly defined as the donation of money, philanthropy implies a generosity that can also translate to money, pro-bono work or in-kind donations that underlies it is not all about the bottom dollar but about the bigger picture.  

Exemplify Innovation  

Whether it is through technology, culture, mission or approach, companies that succeed do not stand still. Innovation signifies life, implies thought and forward movement, and is critical as the world becomes increasingly complex and challenging. 

The list of Honorees above includes our inaugural list of companies, as well as those recently recognized. The initial list is here.


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