At the beginning of every fiscal year, Public Law 100-656, the Business Opportunity Development Reform Act of 1988, requires Federal agencies to publish a Forecast of Contracting Opportunities (planned RFQs and RFPs), though agencies are not consistent in terms of what data is provided, how often it is updated, or how much opportunity data is provided.  

Included below is a list of “Forecast of Contracting Opportunities” webpages for some of the known Federal Civilian Agencies, and sub-agency forecasts.  

In addition, you will note an initial framework and grade for how each agency is doing in terms of meeting both the mandate and the spirit of the act.

We should note that these opportunities are merely projections, and they are subject to revision or even cancellation. More forecast documents will be provided as they become available. 


Feedback is welcome. This is an initial draft framework the OS AI team is using to evaluate the forecasts, and we will be reviewing and adjusting this on a regular basis. If you feel your that agency was misrepresented and/or we are missing a forecast document or agency, please comment below or contact us at the bottom of this page This resource is intended to benefit all.  


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  1. Nate C

    How hard is it for some of these agencies to provide an excel document or .csv as a .pdf forecast is a pain to work with.