Is it because the incumbent was recently acquired? Or maybe it is the rapidly changing technology landscape, including Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Communications solutions, that promises faster delivery and deployment of technologies that can meet anticipated and emerging needs? Or it could just be that any high-profile and mission critical-technology solutions contract that requires innovation is going to draw a lot of interest. 

We cannot speak to the many reasons why OS AI has received so many inquiries over the past year, but we do know that when the RFP drops this Spring, there will be far more potential Prime bidders who are planning to respond than there were when this Department of Homeland Security CBP contract was last competed.  

The Current Contract. Last awarded in 2016 to Unisys, who was acquired by SAIC in 2020, the current contract was put in place to provide uninterrupted technical support for CBP’s longstanding Land Border Integration (LBI) technology in use at its ports of entry, while enhancing, developing and deploying new technical solutions to satisfy emerging requirements. Unisys is a longtime partner to CBP, with this current contract building on a prior award the company won in 2010 to provide support for CBP’s Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) and Land Border Integration (LBI) project. Spend details on the recent and bridge contracts can be found in related data below. Just a few of the key IT subcontractors to SAIC on this contract include A1C Partners, Tactical Analytic & Intelligence Group (TAIG), and Sentrillion 

The CBP ITI 2.1 RFP. The new Integrated Traveler Initiatives 2.1 requirement is being put in place to support CBP’s ongoing need to explore and implement new ways to maintain, enhance, and refresh existing systems, as well as to maintain, develop and deploy new technical solutions that satisfy the Office of Field Operations (OFO) and United States Border Patrol (USBP)’s ongoing requirements for land Port of Entries (POE) and inspection checkpoints.  

DHS CBP currently anticipates releasing and competing the RFP in late May on the GSA Alliant 2 GWAC. A list of all GSA Alliant 2 GWAC contract holders can be found here.  

Depending upon how the final RFP is structured, we expect there to be far more than the two respondents that bid on the last iteration of the contract, as companies try to convince DHS that new ideas will come with fresh faces.  

Key Current and Former Points of Contact 

Related Data  

Looking to identify a consulting firm that understands the mission of your office or department and has specific and direct experience with CBP? Click Here – you can filter the list by several key indicators, to include socio-economic status, NAICS, Contract vehicle, etc. 

Most Viewed Partners at CBP  

Included below is a list of the IT consulting firms we have noted as drawing the most views by Government and industry leaders on the OrangeSlices AI consultant directory since the beginning of 2023 and that bring direct past performance and/or related relationships in support of CBP.  

** An Elev8 GovCon Honoree, noted for a corporate culture that demonstrates excellence, making the company a beacon for talent, for partners, and for clients.    

We cannot and will not speculate here as to the reasons for the increased interest, but whether it is a company evaluating them as a potential partner; a federal acquisition leader doing their due diligence; or a consultant weighing their next job move, this group of companies has been receiving increased interest.   

If you are a large or small business with capabilities and socio-economic status that might support this effort, comment below.   

About OrangeSlices AI  

Developed by a team of government and industry contracting subject matter experts, the OrangeSlices AI data driven platform is a publicly available searchable listing of the top information technology and consulting services contractors doing business with the Federal government today. Driven by a robust and comprehensive set of authoritative and trusted data sources, the tool is intended to help government and industry leaders find the right partner to help deliver on the important missions of the Federal government.  


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