It is refreshing to see an agency so honest about its deficiencies and opportunities for improvement. Noting struggles with data analytics and management across the enterprise, and that reporting and complex analyses are limited in speed, quality, and accuracy, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) EAD is keenly aware that these and other limitations reduce the agency’s ability to deliver information, tools, and insights needed by internal stakeholders and external partners. 

As such, FEMA recently announced plans to release an RFP for a three-year contract to directly support EAD’s efforts in building a high-impact, real-time, decision analysis capability across the agency by: Delivering analytics and business intelligence to FEMA; Building analytical capacity across the enterprise by connecting people to talent, training, and tools they need to work smart; and Developing and implementing business solutions to agency-wide data management and governance efforts. 

As part of a recent market research activity, the agency was seeking to better understand the number and types of large and small businesses that have experience in database development and enhancement capabilities for improved functionality and support to advanced data analytics; that have experience developing requirements documentation (e.g., data dictionaries, data models, and business rules); who have experience with Python, Tableau, SQL; and any that have proven experience with and an understanding of the Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act of 2018 (“Evidence Act”).

Exact details as to the timing and any small business decisions have not been announced yet, but with a tentative start date of September 1, 2023, companies large and small are known to be actively working to influence the direction of this Enterprise Analytics Support (EAS) procurement.   

Looking for a list of the top large or small business (WOSB, HUBZone, 8(a) or SDVOSB) partners supporting FEMA today? Click HereYou can filter the list by several key indicators, to include socio-economic status, NAICS, Contract vehicle (to include GSA MAS), etc.   

If you are a small business with capabilities and socio-economic status that might support this effort, comment below to let others know.  

Related Data   

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To support any companies looking for partners, included below is a list of the large and small business IT partners we have noted as drawing the most views by Government and industry leaders on the OrangeSlices AI consultant directory since the beginning of February 2023 and that bring direct past performance and/or related relationships in support of FEMA.   

** An Elev8 GovCon Honoree, noted for a corporate culture that demonstrates excellence, making the company a beacon for talent, for partners, and for clients.          

We cannot and will not speculate here as to the reasons for the increased interest, but whether it is a company evaluating them as a potential partner; a federal acquisition leader doing their due diligence; or a consultant weighing their next job move, this group of companies has been receiving increased interest.   

About OrangeSlices AI    

Developed by a team of government and industry contracting subject matter experts, the OrangeSlices AI data driven platform is a publicly available searchable listing of the top information technology and consulting services contractors doing business with the Federal government today. Driven by a robust and comprehensive set of authoritative and trusted data sources, the tool is intended to help government and industry leaders find the right partner to help deliver on the important missions of the Federal government.    



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