Let’s peel it back. The end of the fiscal year is almost upon us. We know you are ramping up and making plans. Here we share just a few of the more forward-looking (many are FY 2023) research requests that we covered over the past week. 

Fresh Squeezed Daily: $100M+ State Department CA/CST Service Transition Support (STS) contract 

Fresh Squeezed Daily: $196M CMS Innovation Development and Operation Services (IDOS) contract 

Fresh Squeezed Daily: $20M+ Treasury Foreign Intelligence Network (TFIN) IT support contract 

Fresh Squeezed Daily: $49M DHS CBP Development Support Services 

Fresh Squeezed Daily: NIH NIEHS Bioinformatics, Software Development, and Data Support Services 

Hiring and retaining talent is about more than the paycheck. A company must have heart. 

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