A research request was recently sent to OS AI from a VP of BD for a large systems integrator looking for a list of some of the top partner [and/or competitor] options related to a potential FY 2023 recompete of this Department of State contract to provide Independent Validation and Verification (IV&V) for Global Mission Critical Systems.  

We at OrangeSlices AI believe in the need for more and better-informed competition, so provided below are some of the details shared with us by the research requestor, followed by some high-level intel, and a list of some of the firms drawing the most views this week, by Government and industry leaders, on the OrangeSlices AI consultant directory in relation to efforts in support of the Department of State.   

Opportunity Details Provided by Requestor  

Scope: This contract with the Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs is intended to ensure critical systems and applications are securely deployed in support of their important global mission. 

The predecessor team on this contract was expected to “provide STS–related services for the software development lifecycle in support of DoS systems, IT Service Management (ITSM) and business process improvements for” the Office of Consular Systems and Technology (CA/CST). These services include “facility and transition management, independent validation, and verification (IV&V), and quality and configuration management in support of systems at Consular facilities throughout the world.” 

** Please note that OS AI will not speculate in this brief report as to the accuracy of any scope details provided and/or any current plans related to the timing, details and likelihood of any recompete. Our premium report provided to the requestor does provide more details, but this report is simply a response to the request.    

Competitive Details (if known): 

  • Funding Agency:   U.S. Department of State / Bureau of Consular Affairs (CA)            
  • Incumbent:           ASRC Federal subsidiary NetCentric 
  • Contract Vehicle:             This was last competed as a SB set aside on SAM. 
  • Expected Competition Date: Fiscal Year 2023 – date tbd  
  • Contract Details and Spend to Date for Award ID 19AQMM18C0237 

Related Data:  

Key Potential Points of Contact (current or past):   

Firms drawing the most attention:

Included below is a list of the large and small companies we have noted were searched and viewed the most on OrangeSlices AI over the past week and that bring direct past performance in support of the Department of State.

Please note that the research requestor for this item received a detailed intelligence report including 1) known details about how/if/when/where this contract will be competed; 2) a list of the top companies that are in position to win today (as well as those who have been making key investments and moves of late to position for a win); and 3) a list of the top potential opportunity influencers any bidder will want to get to know. Whether it is current government leaders driving change, industry leaders, or recent former Federal officials who can support capture, serve as key personnel, or ensure delivery upon award, this is a group of leaders any bidder will want to get to know.  

Want to see more firms with direct past performance with the Department of State? You can start here.    

Is your company pursuing this effort or similar opportunities?   

Let others know you are interested in joining a team by either 1) Logging In and Commenting Below; or 2) Contacting us Here so we can add you to the list.   


About OrangeSlices AI  

Developed by a team of government and industry contracting subject matter experts, the OrangeSlices AI data driven platform is a publicly available searchable listing of the top information technology and consulting services contractors doing business with the Federal government today. Driven by a robust and comprehensive set of authoritative and trusted data sources, the OS.ai tool is intended to help government and industry leaders find the right partner to help deliver on the important missions of the Federal government. Learn more about how you can engage with OS AI here.   

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