Love them or hate them, Joint Ventures are here to stay and seemingly every mature company has at least one JV in play and one or more in the works. 

Included below we highlight three newly formed and registered joint ventures that caught the attention of OrangeSlices AI analysts, and that business development and growth leaders SHOULD be paying attention to, especially those who cover the Internal Revenue Service, Veterans Affairs, and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. 

JV # 1 – Fed Path Solutions JV – What do you get when you cross one of the hottest and fastest growing small business players in the history of CMS with an ISO Certified CMMI DEV and SVC Level 3 8(a) Economically Disadvantaged Women-Owned Small Business that can lay claim to experience as a subcontractor supporting the CMS SHOP-PAS Project, a HHS CICDM Support (Business Requirement Service) project; and an IRS IDR-IRIS Project (see more past experience here)? 

This is not a trick question – you get a compelling new JV that is poised to win some serious work in the years ahead. Only formed and registered in late September of 2022, the Fed Path Solutions JV (so new, we do not have a working website yet) is known to include RELI Group and ePATHUSA. ePATHUSA is led by President and CEO, Anitha Timiri G and Vice President/Co-Founder, Hari Nallure 

JV#2 – Collaboration House JV – Is it really that easy? You just stand up a new JV and the government gives you a new contract?! Uh, no, it is not that easy, but it is rather impressive that just a few short months after forming a new JV between Wheelhouse Group, a woman-owned small business and new Digital Services Coalition member, and CollaborateUp, a certified 8(a) small business that works to accelerate collaboration to tackle our world’s toughest challenges, this new JV picked up its first Prime contract in support of the Internal Revenue Service – a task to provide IT filing season integration services (FSIS): stakeholder engagement, leadership/team development and PMO support. If you do find that it is this easy, please let us know!  

JV #3 – King Street Technology Partners JV – With so much money on the line, the VA T4NG community includes some of the savviest firms in the Federal sector today. Follow us closely here – one year ago, a Prime contract holder on the $22.3B VA T4NG Prime is acquired (SBG Technology Solutions by DSS). A short 6 months later, SBA approves an All-Small Mentor Protégé agreement between SBG and Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) IT Services and Solution provider, Eleven09. Shortly thereafter, SBG and Eleven09 announce they have formed the King Street Technology Partners Joint Venture.  

Still with us? Well, look no further than the latest VA T4NG Prime contractor listing and you will note that SBG has been replaced on the roster with the name King Street Technology Partners. The contract was officially novated in July and, while this freshly minted (and now Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business) T4NG Prime did not win any new tasks to close FY 2023, the reach back capabilities and expertise that comes from having a strategic partnership with DSS and its SBG division makes this new entity, led by Managing Partners Kyle White and Lewis Runnion, a threat to compete for and win its fair share of tasks in FY 2023.  

On a related VA T4NG note: The name right below King Street Technology Partners on the VA T4NG Prime contractor listing is another new face – Ad Hoc. Not super new information as Ad Hoc has been advertising for a T4NG Capture Manager, but even with the recent novation of a contract previously held by CACI, this has not been widely breaking news to date. Born out of the rescue of, Ad Hoc is a longtime partner to the VA, with direct experience supporting a number of high-profile VA programs. We said the VA T4NG community was savvy!  

Be on the lookout for future reports like this as OrangeSlices AI works to keep on top of the rapidly changing competitive landscape.  

BTW – Did you know that OrangeSlices premium clients are able to gain access to our JV and SBA MPP tracking data (with a new self-serve data tool on the way)? GovCon moves fast and we have our clients covered. To learn more about the types of research and analysis we provide, sign up here for an intro meeting. 

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