In the GovCon sector, having access to Prime contract vehicles is a critical component of any growth strategy. While companies do and should remain keenly focused on securing a Prime position on key contract vehicles, it is also important to track strategic moves being made by competitors. 

Included here we highlight a few of the more notable GWAC and large IDIQ contracts that changed hands in FY 2022 and that were not known to be part of a larger publicized acquisition – (thus they may have been off your radar.) Some of the vehicles that changed hands here include GSA OASIS, CIO-SP3 SB and VETS 2, NOAA ProTech, CMS SPARC and VA T4NG.  

Please note that any official notice by the government that a contract vehicle has changed hands can take place months, if not longer in some cases, after the agreement between the companies was struck. We are simply sharing here details that an official movement was approved and noted by the government – which oftentimes comes in the form of a novation. 


This past Spring, we saw a Prime role on the $5B VETS 2 GWAC swap hands, with the TCG-DRT JV, a SDVOSB small business mentor-protégé JV comprised of an SDVOSB business, The Childers Group (TCG) and a Woman Owned business, DRT Strategies (DRT) take over a Prime spot on this important vehicle as that enters the 2nd half of its 10-year term. The contract was previously held by Optimal Technologies International (OTi). With a broad set of past performance that cuts across the Federal Civilian sector, this new Prime will be a formidable foe to other VETS 2 Primes.  

In Q1 of FY 2022, GSA novated a GSA One Acquisition Solution for Integrated Services (OASIS) Contract for Pool 1, with the contract moving from MEI to AMERICAN Systems. This comes on the heels of the news that QuantiTech, a portfolio company of Sagewind Capital, announced that it had merged with Millennium Engineering and Integration Company (MEI). 

In addition, GSA recently novated the GSA One Acquisition Solution for Integrated Services (OASIS) Small Business Contract for Pool 1, with the contract changing hands from Concourse Federal Group, going to Plateau Grp 

Almost two years after the announcement of an SBA Approved Mentor Protégé Joint Venture between American Operations Corporation (AOC) and BlueWater Federal Solutions (who was acquired by Tetra Tech in late 2020), HHS recently approved the full novation, with the new JV, American Tech Solutions (ATS), now officially listed as Prime contractor on the CIO-SP3 SB SDVOSB contract. This group promptly followed the novation up by winning their first task on the vehicle, albeit a small one, to provide the NIH with Security Services to support compliance with Federal Information Security Modernization Act (FISMA) and to obtain Authority to Operate (ATO).  

Staying with NITAAC, late this past Summer, HHS finally got around to novating the CIO-SP3 SB contract previously held by Enterprise Solutions Realized. Cybermedia Technologies (CTEC) is now officially the proud owner of a shiny (not so new) CIO-SP3 SB contract.  

And early in 2022, NITAAC formerly novated a CIO-SP3 SB contract previously held by GLOTECH. The new Prime contract holder is Softrams, a very fast growing 8(a) HUBZone small business who seems to be winning everything and everywhere across the Federal Health and Civilian sector. Take a quick look at their profile and you will see what we mean  

CIO-SP3 is reaching the end of its term, but given the many known issues associated with the CIO-SP4 competition, we would not be surprised to see CTEC and all CIO-SP3 and CIO-SP3 SB Primes get some extra miles out of this important GWAC. (Now 147 total protests on CIOSP4?! – Yikes!) 

Agency IDIQ contracts 

This past Summer, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services approved the novation of a Prime contract $25B CMS SPARC IDIQ contract, with the contract moving from Agility to Macannie. SPARC is no longer a contract vehicle of choice at CMS, but if the agency wants to get to someone, this is a good option. Led by a team of experienced and known Federal Health IT veterans, you can guarantee this group and how they might use this vehicle is being watched by many.  

This past Summer, NOAA formally novated a $3B Fisheries Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services Program (ProTech) Fisheries Domain IDIQ Contract, with Ocean Associates, Inc. (OAI), a Women Owned Small Business (WOSB) prime contractor for NOAA’s ProTech Oceans Domain, now taking over a Prime contract previously held by ANC Environmental Assessment Services (EAS). With the $8B ProTech 2.0 Fisheries Doman IDIQ on the mind of many, you can track the latest news here.  

While in Q1 of FY 2022, NOAA formally novated a Prime contract on the $3B Multiple-Award IDIQ ProTech Weather Domain. The contract went from RIVA Solutions to SDVOSB, Tesla Laboratories, with Tesla adding a ASOS SLEP Engineering Support task win in the summer of 2022. Included here is a recent look at the Fiscal Year 2022 Quarter 4 results for the ProTech IDIQ contracts and contract holders.  

Lastly, but definitely not least – VA T4NG. We previously covered these moves in a separate article focused on some of the New Joint Ventures to watch in FY2023, so we won’t provide much detail here, but we would be remiss if we did not mention these here,  

The latest VA T4NG Prime contractor listing has a pair of new names on the list 

SBG has been replaced on the roster with the name King Street Technology Partners AND the name right below King Street Technology Partners on the VA T4NG Prime contractor listing is another new name – Ad Hoc. You can read more here about those two new faces, both of whom are in position to be a serious players on this $22.3B Department of Veterans Affairs IDIQ. 

Did we miss a contract that you think should have been here? Or did we misrepresent something? Please contact us below as we aim to get it right 100% of the time.  

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