In the GovCon sector, having access to Prime contract vehicles is a critical component of any growth strategy. While companies do and should remain keenly focused on securing a Prime position on key contract vehicles, it is also important to track strategic moves being made by competitors. 

Included here we highlight a few of the more notable GWAC and large IDIQ contracts that changed hands in FY 2022 and that were not known to be part of a larger publicized acquisition – (thus they may have been off your radar.) Some of the vehicles that changed hands here include GSA OASIS, CIO-SP3 SB and VETS 2, NOAA ProTech, CMS SPARC and VA T4NG.  

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  1. Michael K.

    Can NITAAC just keep extending CIO-SP3 at will?

  2. Jackie L

    The CIO-SP4 acqusition is so flawed I do not know how they can fix this.