Last week we covered some of the reasons “Why” so many top Prime bidders for this important 10-year Department of Veterans Affairs IDIQ are still out looking for partners and, in light of the announcement last Friday that the final RFP release date has been moved back by a couple of weeks, the pursuit continues to heat up as Prime bid teams work to maximize the points on their scorecard.  

In the interest of assisting potential Prime and sub bidders to find partners, included below is a list of several dozen service-disabled Veteran-owned Prime bidders who can lay claim to one or more recent and/or active IT and consulting contracts with a total contract value of greater than $30M. While many of these firms are familiar faces at VA, a large contingent of these technology consulting firms have little or no direct experience supporting the agency, but (as addressed last week) their past performance providing similar IT and Consulting services for other Federal agencies has the potential to be quite valuable to Prime bidders and teams hoping to secure a win.  

An OrangeSlices AI analyst identified more than 7 dozen contracts that have the following characteristics:  

  • The total contract value and projected spend are above $30M.  
  • They show at least one year of execution over the past 5 years (not including the past year – some very close ones were added and noted)  
  • The Prime for each of these companies shows in SAM as an SDVOSB today (under $34M average annual revenue) 

Of note is that we did not include any multiple award IDIQ/BPAs and we did not include large Prime CTA awards where we could not identify the primary SDVOSB who can lay claim to this past performance; we excluded product-oriented contracts (e.g., software licenses, hardware maintenance; etc.); and we looked at a broad set of IT-related NAICS codes.

Please be forewarned that this was pulled together pretty quickly and it is by no means exhaustive (we are not sure there is such a list), but we hope this list helps as you try and find partners and to better evaluate the competition. 

Included below is the first half of the list, including the SDVOSB firms with links to the related contracts.  

If you would like to receive a complete list of all 80+ companies/contracts, simply email us at and we will send you a copy.  There is one catch – If you are representing a firm that is not an Early Bird Adopter and supporter of OrangeSlices – we simply ask that if we send you the list, you pay it back by providing feedback on the list – additions/subtractions/information we may have missed. OS AI will then incorporate this feedback– adding value for all. Kind of wondering why your firm has not stepped up yet as an Early Adopter? Want to learn more? Let us know and we can line up a brief demo.     

While no feedback is required for our Early Adopters, we always appreciate any and all input! Remember, a rising tide lifts all boats. 

** An Elev8 GovCon Honoree, noted for a corporate culture that demonstrates excellence, making the company a beacon for talent, for partners, and for clients.     

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  1. anonymous

    Isn’t Evoke sized out, now?

    Also Ad Hoc is too large now too, right? I know they have a SDVOSB JV with IronArch.

  2. Abigail Smith, OS AI

    All we know is that Evoke shows as an SDVOSB under 34M in SAM as of today. It is possible the recent changes to the size standard added extra runway for them and many others, but that is pure speculation

    As for Ad Hoc – Ad Hoc Research is a different company than the Ad Hoc we all know and love.

  3. anonymous

    Two that are missing from this list are DGR (FTC and BDR’s JV), or just BDR since they have a $30M contract
    and Dexteritech (PSI and TGTG’s JV), the JV itself has a $30M contract but might be too new.

  4. Abigail Smith, OS AI

    Thank you for the feedback – if you have any more specifics on the contract numbers, we would appreciate it. All of the contracts we see for all of the parties mentioned above (minus PSI of course) are under 30M or too new (awarded in Q4 of FY22)

    If there is a different rule set, please let us know. We were a little fuzzy on when the cutoff is for the recent work. Happy to adjust.

  5. Jack M

    The newly onramped T4NG2 Primes are really impacted as they cannot count their new wins. I hope VA makes a change in the final version of the rfp

  6. M Hurt

    I had no idea Sierra 7 and MicroHealth had that many large contracts