With several large and strategic multiple-award contracts expected to be competed in 2023, to include VA T4NG2 and DHS PACTS III, the next generation of the heavily utilized $22.3B VA T4NG IT Services IDIQ and the $1.5B DHS Program Management Administrative Clerical and Technical Services IDIQ, OS AI is receiving a lot of interest from both large and small companies trying to better understand the competitive landscape.  

To support ongoing teaming and competitive analysis activities, we share here 85 of the known SDVOSB Small Business Mentor Protégé alliances that have been formed in the last two calendar years. 

There are several ways for companies to team and partner in pursuit of an opportunity to increase their odds of winning and effectively delivering, but one increasingly popular mechanism for establishing a partnership comes in the form of the Small Business Administration (SBA) mentor protégé arrangement, whereby an emerging small business creates a tighter bond with a mentor company. The extra hurdles that come with establishing this type of an agreement ensure that these protégé companies are and should be viewed as go-to potential partner options (Prime or sub) for the respective mentor.  

The spreadsheet below details a subset of the agreements that were formalized and approved by SBA in the last two calendar years under the 541611 and 54151* NAICS code series. Please be advised that this list is only as good as the information keyed in by the government. The OrangeSlices AI team bolded a few of the more interesting companies to include Nava **, D&G Support Services **, Sparksoft **, Sierra7 **, Ad Hoc **, Leidos, EM Key Solutions *, Guidehouse, SBG, Foxhole Technology, Maximus, Soft Tech Consulting, Aptive Resources **, Deloitte, TJFACT, Pueo, Nelson Enterprise Technology ServicesIronArch Technology, Amyx and Mayvin. 


** An Elev8 GovCon Honoree, noted for a corporate culture that demonstrates its own excellence, making the company a beacon for talent, for partners, and for clients.    

The SBA Mentor Protégé Program is a well utilized program intended to help eligible small businesses (protégés) gain capacity and win government contracts through partnerships with more experienced companies that are willing to fill the mentor role. It will come as no surprise that many highly successful government contractors and mentors came up through the program themselves.  

We applaud these mentor companies for stepping up to offer their resources and support to smaller firms that can greatly benefit from the advice and guidance of a large company and set of leaders who have walked in their shoes. 

Have questions/feedback? Did we miss or misrepresent your new SBA MPP agreement? Comment below or contact us here to be heard.  

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