E3/Sentinel, a NewSpring Holdings company, announces that beginning today, the company will operate under the new brand name of Avantus Federal. This brand comes after two years of transformative growth that followed the acquisition of five companies: E3 Federal Solutions, Sentinel, Data Works, Operational Intelligence and Lucid Perspectives. The rebrand solidifies the company’s posture as a mission-focused, service-driven solutions industry leader offering innovations and unparalleled solutions to its clients.

“This is a significant milestone for our organization and highlights our capabilities, our growth and our commitment to both our clients and our employees,” said Avantus Federal CEO Andy Maner. “Our unification to Avantus Federal is about much more than simply refreshing our logo, website and colors. It’s about fully expressing all that inspires us and communicating our unique vision to our customers today and tomorrow.”

For more than a decade, all these legacy brands were built on exceptional delivery and high attention to outcomes. The new Avantus brand gives the organization the opportunity to continue to empower eminence at our clients now and into the future. The rebrand includes a new name, logo, website, mission statement and values that better align with the organization’s collective future vision while embracing the impressive heritage of each organization.

“The Avantus brand symbolizes our continuous growth and innovation,” said Chris Blahm, Avantus Federal Chief Growth Officer “The name ‘Avantus’ – which signals both ‘advantage’ and ‘vantage point’ – reflects our hyper-focused, outcome-oriented business, where our employees are part of everything we do. As we advance to this next chapter, we are going to continue to empower eminence and deliver exceptional outcomes from our people that will be bolstered by our technology, innovation and platforms.”

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