The OCI issues will keep many from looking at this, but the increase in expected funding for the recompete of this 5-year contract to provide support services for the Contract Operations and Procurement Policy and Oversight Offices is certain to draw some interest.   

The focus of this consolidated contract will include cradle to grave contract support; data migration; mandated financial and procurement processes; contract file management; support services to assist with FPDS-NG; USCG Contract Writing Systems; and the Invoice Processing Platform (IPP) for the Contracting & Procurement (C&P) enterprise at various locations throughout the USCG. 

This new 5-year contract will consolidate two existing tasks, both held by incumbent OCT Consulting – details and sped to date can be found here for 70Z02320FACS01300 and 70Z02320FACR00600. Both task were 8(a) competed on OASIS SB the last time.   

The latest word out of DHS is that a competitive RFP is expected to be released in October as an 8(a) se-aside.  We expect companies to be working hard to influence the direction of this procurement. More will be shared as it is made available.  

Key Points of Contact (Current or Past) 

  • Crystal Knight – crystal.l.knight@uscg.milm – (202) 475-3046 
  • Ranford Demontegnac – – (202) 475-3773 

Pro Tip 1 Have capabilities and/or relationships that might prove valuable. Comment below to let others know you are interested.  

Pro Tip 2 Feel like you are missing out on some of the key action at the US Coast Guard? It can be hard to keep up. Make sure you are in the know by checking out the US Coast Guard Competitive Intelligence Segment page, chock full of insights and intelligence related to the agency.   



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