An RFI posted this week for a new requirement to lead market research and benchmarking to obtain information to plan for functional/business requirements for the Department of Treasury Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC)’s Public Affairs 2030 digital platforms may not be a huge program in terms of spend, but the opportunity to drive the strategic modernization effort for this Office which is responsible for designing, building, and maintaining OCC’s seven websites (including intranet, internet, and extranet sites), web search, and digital applications used on the websites, will draw a lot of interest.

OCC’s goal for this RFI is to “capture visionary guidance with anticipated changes to:

      • industry digital transformation and digital experience
      • future digital communication needs of a government financial services regulator
      • and the information needs of our users (e.g. bank customers, examiners, congress, media, financial services companies, fintech, and other regulators).” See the full RFI here.

Who should I partner with on this effort?

Included below is a mix of 18 small and large businesses which are certain to make any partner/competitor lists based on their success winning and delivering on similar efforts across the Federal sector, as well as their past experience, recent hiring trends and sets of relationships at OCC. This list was generated using the Orange Slices BOT, a tool which leverages AI and ML tools to evaluate and recommend the top dozen or so Partner options to consider reaching out to, as a Prime or sub.

Did OS.aiBOT miss you? If so, comment below or contact us here to be added. Do you have an opportunity you would like us to run our algorithm against? Think our algorithm stinks? Let us know – we only get better with feedback and practice.

Looking for more partner options? You can also check out a more detailed, and a filterable, list of the top firms supporting OCC today by clicking here.


Developed by a team of government and industry contracting subject matter experts, the data and artificial intelligence driven platform is a publicly available searchable listing of the top information technology and consulting services contractors doing business with the Federal government today. Driven by a robust and comprehensive set of authoritative and trusted data sources, the tool is intended to help government and industry leaders find the right partner to help deliver on the important missions of the Federal government.


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