Over the past several months, the OS AI team has received several inquiries from companies focused on the Department of Treasury, to include the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), inquiring about and researching 8(a) STARS II and STARS III tasks that are new and stand to be re-competed and/or awarded at the agency over the next 12-18 months.  

Included here we share more than a dozen potential recompete opportunities that are drawing the most interest and/or inquiries across Treasury, as well as some of the Treasury focused 8(a) STARS III Prime consulting firms that are being increasingly viewed as a top partner or competitor options (and/or potential employers).   

The list of contract opportunities covers everything from Data Management and Web Application support to Machine Learning consulting services, e-Records Solution Support and Cybersecurity.  

All OrangeSlices AI content is free. To see the full list of all opportunities, Click User Login in the upper right-hand corner to sign in using LinkedIn or create a free account.


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  1. Jack K

    The TISTA ones are maybe the most interesting.