On the heels of being recruited for the newly created position of Senior Vice President of Growth for Digital Modernization and Experience at ICF, we caught up with Jason Williamson to learn more about his new role, what he will be driving forward, and which potential industry leaders and partners he wants to hear from.

What will your focus be over the next six to ten months?

Federal leaders are grappling with significant and unprecedented challenges, and they’re looking for a trusted partner to help them reach bigger outcomes, faster. Embracing technology is a game-changing solution that will help them accelerate delivery of their missions. But despite being rich in data, agencies are still lagging in their data modernization efforts—ultimately placing mission delivery at stake. Federal leaders need a holistic data optimization approach to effectively leverage emerging technologies, like AI/GenAI and machine learning, safely and responsibly, and respond to the constantly evolving needs and expectations of U.S. citizens.

My focus will be to look for opportunities to deliver ICF’s highly disciplined approach—combining deep domain expertise, leading-edge technologies, advanced analytics, and human-centered practices to help move big agency missions forward. And to help them embrace new and emerging technologies—with our industry partners—to create solutions that boost workforce efficiency, optimize service delivery, and accelerate innovation.

What perspective/ experience will you leverage in moving forward in this role?

I’ve spent the last 25 years of my career in professional management and technology consulting, with over 10 years leading business development and growth. I’ve led teams that help build new client markets, lead capture and proposal, and drive revenue. Most recently, I served in a position leading growth and business development in the federal civil sector, where I led successful capture of key technology opportunities focused on software factory, low-code/no-code, cloud/infrastructure, cyber, big data, and managed services.

I’m excited to bring these skills and technology expertise to continue to grow ICF’s digital modernization services and identify new opportunities for growth and expansion.

What does the creation of this role mean to government clients and partners?

ICF has been an incredibly strong partner to the federal government, supporting nearly all major federal civilian agencies, including numerous agencies and programs within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. We have a history of delivery excellence across hundreds of digital modernization projects and a strong client retention rate. And we want to do more to help our federal partners, and take our proven solutions to new customers.

The creation of this new role demonstrates ICF’s commitment to designing and delivering innovative solutions for our clients and helping them achieve their critical missions, with technology as a key driver. Agency leaders need smart, scaled technology implementations to ensure missions quickly reach their full potential. We apply high-value, high-impact problem solving that measurably improves program outcomes and tackles challenges with greater speed, efficiency, and aptitude. Put simply, we’re a trusted, reliable, low-risk digital modernization provider, which is exactly what our clients need right now.

What is the most exciting aspect of launching this new chapter?

This is an exciting time to work in the federal technology space. Last year, 70% of federal agencies were still working to meet their digital modernization goals. Agencies are eager to advance their modernization journeys and make sense of how they can best leverage new technologies to solve their biggest, most difficult and their everyday challenges.

I’m thrilled to join the ICF team at this pivotal moment to deliver our domain + tech + data + human expertise to help clients achieve better mission outcomes. ICF has a stellar reputation for delivering high-impact problem solving and a purpose-driven culture that embraces diverse ideas and continuous innovation. Together, this creates huge potential for rapid growth and I’m glad to be a part of the collective team that will make that happen.

Who should come knocking?

We constantly seek inclusive opportunities to collaborate with experts, suppliers, contractors, small businesses, and technology partners with diverse perspectives—and who are just as driven as we are to make a difference. We have an inclusive approach to procurement initiatives which extends to communities around the globe, giving us opportunities to broaden our outlooks, backgrounds, and expertise and encourage various perspectives in our industries. This approach is part of who we are as a company and an integral part of the strong solutions we deliver for our clients.

We continuously scan the marketplace for innovative firms and new market entrants that can bring new expertise. And we strive to create a collaborative environment from the outset for smooth project delivery. I’m excited to strengthen our relationships with key partners and identify new opportunities so that we deliver the very best solutions to our clients.


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