Members of the OrangeSlices AI team attended Thursday’s NIH & CMS Online Happy Hour event. If you don’t go to this recurring and increasingly popular event, hosted by Shelley McGuire, you are missing out. It is always a fun and well-run event filled with valuable updates and connections added every time. (Track her events here)  

In the interests of sharing what we heard, for those who were unable to attend, included here are a few insights related to several upcoming and active requirements from across the National Institutes of Health and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.  

Opportunity Updates* 

*Please note that this is the way OS AI heard it. If you are pursuing any of these opportunities, we encourage you to validate this information. We all know how quickly things can change. If anyone heard something different from what we provided, please message us at and we will make any changes necessary.  

CMS Opps 

  • PSC ID – This is on hold for now due to a protest on ACME. This could end up going out a different way. Nate Barbato is the CO.  
  • Healthcare Quality Reporting – This is in the process of being renamed. This requirement will be procured next year. Nate Barbato is the CO. 
  • MADIE – The O&M will come out next year. Nate Barbato is the CO. 

** Note: Nate Barbato has taken over the workload that previously fell under Sabrina Thompson.  

  • QPP Analytics and Reporting – This aas released on the DASH BPA last week.  
  • Information Systems Foundational Component Support – This is expected to be competed later this year. Watch the forecast as it may end up being a BPA.   
  • PAC Quality Reporting Program (QRP) – This will be a competitive 8(a) on GSA OASIS. The RFP is expected out in next few weeks. Jonathan Nolan is CO.  
  • ISAVE recompete –  The agency is competing this as a SB set-aside action on CMS SPARC IDIQ. Jeremy Garvin is the CO.  
  • Federal Services Data Hub – Jeremy Garvin is the CO. This is expected to go out as a WOSB set-a side action on the CMS SPARC IDIQ on or before June 14th 

** Note – anyone who listened to The JR & Ali Review of the CMS May forecast will have heard JR Glass note this SPARC is a growing trend (albeit small) and he mentioned that a new RFP was being pushed that way.  Listen Here.  

  • National Learning and Communications – This fell off the forecast, but it should be back on soon. The acquisition strategy is still TBD. Michael Milanese is the CO.  
  • Drug Price Negotiation Medicare Transaction Facilitator Data Exchange Module – This relates to RFP #RFQ-CMS-2024-241296 Aaron Blackshire is the CO. The acquisition strategy is still TBD. 
  • CPI Trusted Third Party (TTP) – Tonya Anderson is CO. This is still in the early stages.  
  • RMADA III IDIQ – Negotiations are still underway. More news is expected soon.   


  • $3.6B NIH Scientific, Operations, and Administrative Resources (SOAR) recompete – Multiple award – Christine Frate is the CO for this requirement. It is is in early-stages, but planning is active and underway.  

** Note: OrangeSlices heard through a different channel that the agency is considering holding an industry day. This will not be for everyone but this staffing contract is a big opportunity. Incumbents are 22nd Century Technologies (75N95021D00019) , Axle Informatics  (75N95021D0001o), GAP Solutions (75N95021D00011), Kelly Services (75N95021D00012 and Medical Science & Computing (now Guidehouse) (75N95021D00013).

  • NCATs Cybersecurity Services Program SupportMark McNally is the CO – This was expected to be a Total SB set-aside, but the scope has changed. Stay tuned.   
  • Multiple-award CIT Cloud BPA (covered in the last update) – Shirley Ruiz-Lundgren is the CO. This is getting close now and is just waiting on SBA Approval on the acquisition strategy.  
  • NIA Software Development Services and Support – Kevin Alvarez is the CO . There are no updates yet, but it is in the works.  


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