The OS AI team fielded calls from several VETS 2 Primes over the last few weeks as they prepared their response to a draft RFP out of the USDA Farm Production and Conservation that is identified as being set aside for the service-disabled veteran-owned small business community.

To continue achieving the USDA objective to be a data-driven organization and create a world-class data management organization that supports USDA Farm Production and Conservation mission area (FPAC), and all its agency’s data management needs at the enterprise level, FPAC- Business Center (FBC) has begun multi-year plans for migrating its on-premises data analytics solutions to Enterprise Data Analytics and Platform Toolset (EDAPT), a cloud architectural solution hosted by the Department. One example is FSA’s multi-year migration of their Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) moving to a flavor of EDAPT called Data Analytics Reporting Toolset (DART), which is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud architectural solution.

Activities expected to be covered under the next iteration of this three-year FPAC Data Analytics contract will include the following with respect to the EDAPT/DART environment:

  • Organization Structure and Design, Data Strategy, and Data Governance
  • Analytical Data Support – Data Objects, Procedures, Pipelines in EDAPT
  • Analytic Product Development – Dashboarding and Reporting
  • Analytical Products Automation and Operations & Maintenance
  • Communications, Change Management, Training, and Server Administration

According to a recent FY 23 FPAC opportunity forecast, Accenture is a known incumbent. The predecessor contract is understood to have included a 14 FTE team that included a dozen Dashboard Developers/Analysts and Data Scientists with expertise in Architecture and Design/ML/AI/Data Engineering. With a projected award date of July, any potential bidder will be working hard to identify and find partners that have access to this in-demand talent and expertise.

Key Points of Contact (current or past)

  • Chris Lashure, Contracting Officer, US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Agricultural Research Service (ARS) –
  • Sheryl Welch, FPAC Small Business Specialist
  • Paul Chevalier, Recent and now former Chief Data Officer, USDA Farm Production and Conservation
  • Andrew Staab, Information Technology Supervisor, USDA Farm Production and Conservation
  • Derek Beavers, Senior Executive Director for Acquisitions, USDA Farm Production and Conservation

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Related Data

Looking for a firm to partner with at the USDA? Click Here You can filter the list by several key indicators, to include socio-economic status, NAICS, Contract vehicle, etc. 

USDA focused Firms drawing the most attention:

Included below is a list of the large and small companies we have noted as drawing the most views by Government and industry leaders on the OrangeSlices AI consultant directory since the beginning of 2023 and that bring direct past performance and/or related relationships in support of USDA and FPAC.

** An Elev8 GovCon Honoree, noted for a corporate culture that demonstrates excellence, making the company a beacon for talent, for partners, and for clients.        

We cannot and will not speculate here as to the reasons for the increased interest, but whether it is a company evaluating them as a potential partner; a federal acquisition leader doing their due diligence; or a consultant weighing their next job move, this group of companies has been receiving increased interest.   

If you are a small business with capabilities and socio-economic status that might support this or any related effort, comment below and let others know you are interested.    

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