For those businesses working with National Institutes of Health and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) today, or for those looking to break in and support this increasingly relevant and well-funded institute ($6+ billion budget in FY 21), the opportunity to connect with small business leaders and to learn more about upcoming requirements is certain to draw a lot of interest.

Two recommended pieces of homework in advance of the meeting:

    1. make sure to review the Q1 and Q2 Procurement Forecasts on the SBPO page (found here) so you can formulate some questions and
    2. to support teaming, we share below two dozen of the most-viewed small business company profiles for NIH over the last month on the govcon partner identification platform.

We will not speculate here as to why these specific firms are drawing the most eyeballs, but you can contact us here if you would like to receive our tip/cheat sheet outlining why some companies seem to gain more or less attention and/or if you want to make sure your company is added to the directory.


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