On the heels of being named a Virginia Best Place to Work, adding a VP focused on delivery excellence, and adding multiple new federal wins, two-time Elev8 GovCon Honoree MetaPhase Consulting shares a glimpse into part of its secret sauce. 

Culture Framework 

The foundational framework of Metaphase’s culture is its commitment and investment in being leadership oriented. Every individual at MPC is a leader in their own area of expertise and the company recognizes they are what makes MPC what it is. “Supporting every individual’s unique strength is a critical aspect of our philosophy, and we do so by providing tuition and certification funds to employees, and by awarding staff with honors throughout the year. We would not be the company we are today without acknowledging and empowering the inherent talents and leadership of our employees at every level.”  


MPC prides itself on being a culture-centric entity in federal consulting. A strong culture and investment in its people has been essential to growth. “We’ve committed to being the firm known for setting the standard of valuing our employees and culture over profit. Investments into our corporate culture are exercised in countless ways throughout the employee journey.”  

MPC launched a company mentorship program in 2022 that provides opportunities for employees to support beyond their immediate leadership as well as to further their professional development. MPC led initiatives such as the company “Culture Book” in 2021 & 2022, established a new Diversity, Equity and Inclusion committee, Veterans committee, and appointed a Director of Culture and Employee Experience.  

“To measure our culture, we offer a “MetaPeople Index” survey as our way to elicit feedback from our workforce to ensure our values continue to be infused within the day-to-day operations. Transparency and trust are pillars of how we conduct business at MPC. 

MPC does a lot of things that are certainly not typical for a company of our age and size. We prioritize our commitment to the wellbeing of employees as well as our community. We prize relationships over revenue and consistently seek opportunities to collaborate with like-minded organizations in the industry with an ultimate intent of delivering value to our clients.”  

Culture from Within  

MPC encourages all of its employees to engage in some aspect of culture. Examples of this are by allowing all staff members to join various committees that speak for the enhancement of culture. “We have a “yearbook” committee that allows staff to become creative and support mapping out the culture and diversity that MPC is so very proud of and allows for colleagues to feel like family rather than just co-workers. We’ve also created a “giving-back” group that focuses on allocating resources for local communities or other charities that lead to the wellbeing of diverse portfolios.  

In addition to our commitment to our employees and clients, MPC prioritizes giving back through charitable efforts to valued community and social causes. Our MPC Giving Back Committee engages with employees to elicit valued charitable efforts that will bring the most meaningful impact for staff. In the year 2023 alone, MPC has engaged in numerous giving back initiatives such as matching donations for employee contributions to the Maui Natural Disaster Support and sponsorship of the 13th Annual Russ Shields/Ballers Invitational Golf Tournament to raise money for the National Kidney Foundation of Maryland. This year, MPC also organized a Food Supply Drive for local Embry Rucker Community Shelter and raised thousands worth of donations for the Special Olympics in DC, MD and VA through the MetaFit Challenge which is an internal initiative to drive employee wellness.” 

Navigating Growth 

As it navigates the expected continuous growth and evolution, MetaPhase has committed to maintaining its core values and continually striving to align its workforce with the mantras that laid the foundation of the business. “MPC understands that employees embody these beliefs, even as the world around us is constantly changing & evolving. As we continue to grow, we focus on hiring like-minded people through employee referrals. We’ve found that believing in our staff, and the amazing connections they have, organically builds a culture of trust and leadership that runs deep.” 

In addition to internal growth, MPC has also committed to sharing its values of culture with other emerging organizations in industry. In 2023, MPC applied with the Small Business Administration’s Mentor/Protégé Program to formally Mentor an incredible new small, disadvantaged, women-owned, minority-owned protégé firm called SharpEDG. The submission was approved by the SBA and Metaphase is working with SharpEDG as a mentor to support its impressive program management and digital services work across the Federal Government.  

The Partner and Customer Lens  

“Our focus is on culture and the wellbeing of our people, our employees are self-motivated and take immense pride in the work they do for our clients. Team MCP holds strong values over our customers.  

We strive to build trust with our clients by consistently advocating, always putting their needs first. Given our vision to “be the most culture-centric company in federal consulting”, we take the time to research and bring on board individuals who are invested in strengthening our values and our teams, with approximately 60% of our new hires coming from referrals. While we have instilled corporate strategies and selectively prioritize key opportunities, we believe it is the quality of our team that has been our core catalyst for growth. Through this process we have been able to attract, retain, and deploy a motivated and high caliber cadre of people to every client.”  

What’s Next?  

MPC customers largely utilized the 8(a) program to access the company until 2021. However, MPC has intentionally targeted best in class acquisition vehicles which now provide clients with greater access to its services. MPC has gained several best-in-class acquisition vehicles, which includes GSA IT-70, OASIS SBP1, SBA 8(a), and 8(a) STARS III and we continue to target other vehicles to meet its growing customer needs.  

“We will continue to selectively prioritize areas where we can increase the size, complexity, and scope of our work within targeted accounts and capabilities. We intend to sustain our growth year over year by focusing on our core values, which in return outputs greater results on our projects. The future for MPC looks bright as we plan for our graduation out of the small business program into becoming a mid-size business and we truly strive to achieve a level of growth that is not only sustainable but also meaningful for our employees by providing them opportunities to grow in their careers.” 


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