Since the beginning of 2023, the OS AI team has received multiple inquiries from forward-looking Department of Homeland Security focused companies inquiring and researching potential task orders and contracts that expire in fiscal year 2024. Included here we share more than a dozen potential recompete opportunities that are drawing the most interest and/or inquiries across the United States Coast Guard, as well as some of the USCG-focused consulting firms that are being increasingly viewed as a top partner or competitor option (and/or potential employer).

The list includes large opportunities, including several hundred million dollars in contracts and IDIQ/BPAs covering everything from Information Assurance and IT Infrastructure Support to Program Management, C4IT systems support, Data Analytics, and Network Operations.

All OrangeSlices AI content is free to view. To see the full list of all opportunities, Click User Login/Create Account in the upper right-hand corner to sign in or create a free account.

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