The Department of Homeland Security recently posted market research seeking a range of CX and User Experience (UX) related professional services that will help this newly launched CX Directorate address complex challenges that impact the experiences of customers and end-users and develop innovative solutions that solve customer/end-user needs. CXD, which sits underneath Chief Information Officer Eric Hysen’s office, supports both DHS Headquarters as well as Component requests. 

This is an active RFI posted to eBuy. 

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The scope and specific tasks of this requirement are currently being developed. The posted Request for Informa􀆟on (RFI) is being issued to assess the marketplace, obtain vendor feedback, and to develop a list of interested, capable vendors. 

A summary of the areas of inquiry is included below, highlighting the essential skills and experiences needed to support CX initiatives within federal agencies, focusing on strategic advice, maturity development, execution support, and continuous improvement. 

  • CX Strategy and Policy Guidance: Advising on CX policy mandates and developing strategies for CX responsibilities. 
  • Building CX Maturity: Assisting with strategies for CX maturity and human capital implementation. 
  • Design and Implementation Support: Designing, testing, and iteratively improving CX initiatives, including digital and non-digital projects. 
  • Training and Development: Conducting CX and HCD training and coaching. 
  • Collaboration and Resource Development: Collaborating to establish CX networks and developing internal CX knowledge resources. 
  • Employee and Service Experience Improvement: Implementing initiatives to enhance employee experience and making recommendations to improve service interactions. 
  • User Research and Testing: Leading user research and usability testing to inform service design improvements. 
  • Content Creation and CX Documentation: Drafting documents in plain language and documenting CX through journey maps, service blueprints, and personas. 
  • Professional Collaboration: Working with CX/UX professionals to define user needs and develop personas. 

Key Points of Contact (Current or Past) 

  • Debbie Reynolds, Customer Service Director, General Services Administration 
  • Dana Chisnell, Executive Director, Customer Experience, DHS OCIO 
  • Nicshan Floyd, Deputy Director, Customer Experience, DHS OCIO 
  • Stephanie Moore, Program Manager, Customer Experience Executive Order (EO 14058) at U.S. Department of Homeland Security 

Pro Tip 2 Feel like you are missing out on some of the key actions? It can be hard to keep up. Make sure you are in the know by checking out the US Department of Homeland Security Intel Segment page, chock full of insights and intelligence.     

If you have capabilities and/or relationships that can be of value, we always encourage interested firms to share their interest publicly in the form of a comment as there will be many other firms looking for partners. We do share posted comments in our newsletter, so it can be a great way to create awareness about your capabilities in relation to this type of need. Comment below – you must be logged in.   


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  1. Jim Cubby

    My org is VERY interested in responding to the Department of Homeland Security CXD- CX/UX Professional Services RFI, however they couldn’t find it on ebuy. Would you kindly share the RFI# or RFO# so we can respond. Jim Cubby 949-230-0526