Funding Agency: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention / Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) 

Request Details/Scope: We are a large business “building a team of innovative technology specialists to support capture, bid and delivery efforts related to [several growth efforts, to include] the pursuit of this 3-year contract to provide a range of support services to the [CDC] Office of the CIO. This specific contract is a re-compete, last competed on GSA Alliant and [there were 6 bidders] in 2020. Key relationships and/or direct past performance (prime and/or sub) at CDC are a requirement.” A focus for “the incumbent Booz Allen in support of the CDC Technology Solutions Branch (TSB) is leading the work at OCIO office across a portfolio of 80+ pure IT and informatics projects and a staff that is responsible for technology and engineering of modern applications, Data Analytics and Visualization, and Cloud migration services using DevSecOps, Design Thinking, and SAFe/Agile methodologies.”

Related Info:  

Expected Competition Date: Fiscal Year 2023
NAICS Series: 541512, 541511, 541513, 541519
Contract Spend to Date: Click here to see the latest details
CDC IT Strategic Planning: Details related to the CDC Office of the CIO and its stance on Data and IT Transformation, Open Technology, Customer Support, as well as its published IT Strategic Plan can be found here.  

Key Points of Contact: 

Clementine’s Answer for CDC OCIO Technical Applications Support Services 

Included below are the top scoring firms that my algorithm came up with as potential partner options based on the information provided. (Sub or Prime): 

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