Growth leaders identify and evaluate targets and opportunities using multiple sources. One common strategy is to target contract recompetes and those which are potentially vulnerable, with a primary vulnerability being contracts held by companies that have been acquired, especially when they are a small business being acquired by a large.   

Case in point – Starting shortly after the ink was dried on this acquisition, the OS AI team fielded several requests looking to better understand the current contract makeup for this now former small business who served as a premier partner to several federal health agencies for mission-critical digital modernization solutions. 

We should note that being acquired does not always make a company’s contracts inherently vulnerable as there are many factors in play but in the interest of sharing, included below we list a dozen of this group’s contracts and tasks from across the Department of Health and Human Services and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid in particular, totaling nearly $500M in value.   

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  1. fhorn

    Is ICF able to bid on DASH tasks using the SemenaticBits DASH contract?