As protests of the $60.7B VA T4NG2 IDIQ continue to pile on, this interview with government contract attorney Jim Dougherty takes a look at how Court of Federal Claims challenges will be handled, a request by one awardee to intervene, and guidance on what protestors might expect to see in the coming weeks and months.

A few topics discussed during the interview include:

  • Timeline around protests filed with GAO and the Court of Federal Claims.
  • Whether or not cases will be consolidated in the Court of Federal Claims.
  • What an intervention from one awardee during the protest process means and why one protestor has chosen to oppose it
  • The rights of protestors after a decision has been made.

AND more…

Was what you heard helpful? If you need a government contracts or technology attorney, reach out to Jim. He has his finger on the pulse of what’s going on in the community. You can use LinkedIn to connect with Jim.

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  1. Robert Russo

    Thanks Jim. Excellent overview. One minor clarification: since the number of awards is not capped at 30, a potential resolution to a successful protest is to add an award to the successful protestor without replacing any awardees. This ability to add awardees would seem to negatively impact GOVCIO’s motion to intervene.

  2. Ken Beecher

    Great stuff David. Thanks to you and Jim for tackling this.