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The Directorate for Geosciences (GEO) supports basic research that advances the frontiers of knowledge and drives technological innovation while improving our understanding of the many processes that affect the global environment. GEO also supports groundbreaking discoveries of the products and processes of the earth, ocean, and atmosphere systems from the past to the present and into the future for the benefit of citizens, decision-makers, educators, and scientists. This includes supporting worldclass research infrastructure (e.g., ships, aircraft, supercomputers), as well as supporting near- and deep-field research sites. Cybersecurity for research infrastructure and research security more broadly have grown in increasing importance to ensure the integrity of the research enterprise.

The purpose of the request for an expert/advisor is to as serve a resource to GEO program officers and their awardees given the rapidly evolving fields of cybersecurity and research security. They will coordinate with the NSF Office of the Chief Officer for Research Facilities (CORF) and the Chief of Research Security, Strategy and Policy (CRSSP) on NSF-wide policies, procedures, and guidance, and their implementation within GEO. Task Objectives GEO/OAD is seeking a contactor to:

  • Serve as a subject matter expert for issues related to research security and cybersecurity applicable to GEO research infrastructure.
  • Remain current on evolving cybersecurity and research security challenges applicable to GEO research infrastructure.
  • Coordinate with the CORF and CRSSP in the development and implementation of policy guidance applicable to research security and cybersecurity applicable to GEO research infrastructure during all lifecycle stages, including planning, development, design, construction, operations, and disposition.
  • Work within GEO and across NSF in the development and execution of implementation plans for new research security and cybersecurity requirements.
  • Serve as principal advisor to the Assistant Director for Geosciences in analyzing, developing, and implementing policies and guidance related to research security and cybersecurity applicable to GEO research infrastructure.
  • Provide advice within GEO on the interpretation of guidance and policies and make recommendations and decisions related to research security and cybersecurity.

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