Newly launched in 2023, woman-owned SDVOSB professional services firm VIKINT hit the ground at full speed, met the bar to be named an Elev8 GovCon Honoree, and is growing and thriving at a record pace. Catching up with CEO Lisa Wetzel, we learned more about how this team is grounded in relationships, partner opportunities, and how with an exceptionally hard working, forward-thinking, and dedicated agency and partner – the IRS is transforming.

Grounded in Intimacy for Exponential Growth

VIKINT was formed with the ideal and vision to transform the traditional ways of conducting business and technical operations and replacing them with intuitive, transparent web-based tools that provide real-time visualizations of what is happening at any given time. They have a unique delivery model and mature practices to drive accountability and ensure accurate data is available for decision making, which they are integrating to improve operations and performance across government and private organizations.

One organization stands out for VIKINT, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), which Lisa supported for the last several years prior to forming the company. VIKINT is supporting multiple efforts focused on modernization, transformation, and new initiatives and recently discussed why their commitment and passion to support this agency is important.

Supporting An Agency Driven by People

Whether it is digitizing required taxpayer forms or revamping internal processes, Lisa said the commitment of the IRS to truly transform operations is inspirational. “They are dedicated professionals committed to their mission, while improving processes that will impact so many areas in the lives of ordinary Americans.”

Notably, there is an interest to provide exemplary tools and services to improve interactions with individuals, organizations, other agencies, and governments. “There is an intentional focus on improving the taxpayer’s experiences by integrating new processes and new technologies to shorten timeframes and wait times for responses,” said Lisa. “The IRS is also finding new ways to manage data to expedite decisions on rebates, credits, and more, which can drop from days to minutes. VIKINT is proud to be a part of the transformational changes taking place and we are inspired to support the mission every day.”

The Partner Opportunity

While VIKINT has a full plate of partners it is helping to support new initiatives, Lisa said she is always open to meeting with other small and large businesses looking to align with forward thinking organizations that are truly driving transformative ideas, not just implementing new technologies. VIKINT is focused on creating and driving technology-based processes and tools by concentrating on unique out of the box ideas to drive transparency and accountability across programs and projects.

What does it take to be aligned with this fast-growing team? Integrity. Passion. A drive to make a difference. And balance. “It’s an art to balance work and time with family while also committing to giving back and investing in others.”

As a very small business when it applied for Elev8 status late in 2023, one of the key differentiators was this team’s focus on giving back, through both donations and volunteerism. “It’s so important to not forget to help those around you, to mentor those on the way up, and to help organizations promote values you are aligned with,” said Lisa. “Those things are the parts of my day that are most fulfilling.”

Investing in people and really valuing those around you translates to solid relationships within VIKINT, with the community, and with their clients and partners. “Really listening to people, helping them create new solutions, and aligning their goals with their overall mission is how we are making a difference.”



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