Founded on over 7 Decades of Experience, this new SDVOSB and WOSB is Open and Ready for Business

When a new company is announced, and that company, within weeks, has already secured its SDVOSB certification, and submitted both Prime and subcontractor bids for federal contracts, and that company is comprised of experienced GovCon execs who bring to the table over 75 years of experience supporting and managing the development of proposals resulting in the capture of billions of dollars in Federal contract awards, we want to know more. Meet VIKINT, led by Co-Founder and CEO Richard Green and President Lisa Wetzel.

What’s in a Name?

If the name VIKINT does not immediately roll off the tongue, think of this team’s focus on the intentional pursuit of new adventures, of pioneering, of strength and power. If Vikings come to mind, you now have the sound of VIKINT in your mind.

Building on experience and relationships supporting the IRS, Army, Air Force, FAA, Commerce, and more, the leadership here is looking to both reinvent relationships from the past, and to build new, meaningful partnerships with other small, mid-sized, and large businesses.

A Foundation of Teaming

From the get-go VIKINT is setting out on a path of transparency, a path that dictates the culture within its own walls, with partners, and with clients, is open, transparent and built on accountability and trust. “We have seen and been part of synergistic and collaborative relationships that build success for everyone involved. With that in mind we will always look at the best team construction, built on trust and integrity, to meet the requirements of every opportunity.”

Setting those goals from the start means outlining details early in teaming agreements, right down to pricing so that everything is clear from the start. “We also know from experience that the proposal and delivery team cannot be separate. They must be in synch. This includes the execs, the pricing team, the program manager, the technical team… everyone must be intimately involved in the proposal. We’re building processes that will avoid chaos and give everyone comfort that they know what to expect.”

With involvement that stretches across the organization, everyone understands the commitments involved, the people and skills that are needed, and the end goals.

Building and Growing Talent

Seeking to bring together strong candidates, some with experience, and some just starting out, VIKINT is looking to build a team comprised of people with career goals, who are looking to grow and advance in their responsibilities, their capabilities and expertise, and then to provide that opportunity for growth within the company. Formalized career plans, developed early in their engagement, will help set the course.

“We apply those same standards for personal and professional growth to ourselves as well. What it really takes at the start is the right attitude, competency, and a great work ethic. Anyone who has all three of those, and can commit to being a team player, will succeed.”

“We’re also committed to be a Veteran-focused employer, tapping into separating military members and translating their skills and experience to the corporate world so they can build their next careers.”


VIKINT is equally committed to a balance that includes lifestyle and giving back to the community, through shared and individual projects. Giving 100 percent at work, but keeping enough left for families, for personal interests, including causes that are key to values, is important.

Not surprisingly perhaps, as a firm rooted in technology, among this team’s focused initiatives are promoting women in technology, and STEM careers for girls. “We’ve done some research and have identified organizations where we feel we can immediately help, whether through volunteering or monetary donations. We are also focused on supporting organizations that prevent human trafficking, and as Veterans, are supporters of the Gary Sinise Foundation.”

Out of the Gate Running

As experienced capture leaders, the VIKINT team understands the importance of making connections, of having early conversations with small business liaisons within agencies to share capabilities, build awareness and bridge connections. That same applies to potential business partners. And experience is what will drive this team forward.

“We have a differentiator that we bring to the table and that is that we’ve supported several thousand bids and helped win billions of dollars in the past. We have a plethora of experience in putting winning bids together, which starts with a very tailored model for each opportunity.”

A solid capture foundation is generally not just best practices, but requires understanding the manuals, the policies, the practices that are in place for that agency and knowing that each agency has its own way of doing business. “Each agency speaks a different language, so you have to know that language and be able to speak to them directly and in a way they understand.”

Experience and Insight

Over the course of their careers, VIKINT’s leaders have worked from entry level to senior positions, and they understand, from a place of humility, where they need support. “We’ve had so many people reaching out offering support, to help with websites, to make introductions. We don’t take what we are doing lightly and we are grateful to all those who are supporting us as we grow. We are honored to be able to do what we are doing.”

Bringing to the table the decades of experience this executive team lays claim to also means a depth and breadth of knowledge when it comes to potential partners. “We can come in on a team and help them understand who the other players are, their strengths and the challenges that might be present. It isn’t about anything personal, and may not even be about not working with someone as a partner. People do things differently but when you know those obstacles or differences up front, you can be better prepared.”

Coming in with experience, relationships, a mature understanding of the GovCon space, and a commitment to doing things right by its team, partners and clients, this team is #onetowatch.

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