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The purpose of this requirement is to support the Office of Elementary and Secondary Education (OESE) and Office of Indian Education (OIE) by implementing the Electronic Application System for Indian Education (EASIE) using the Survey – Standard tool (referenced as Connect Survey throughout) and deliver data management (DM), stakeholder support (SS), and technology services for the EASIE system. OESE requires contractor support to provide an integrated and comprehensive approach, integrating EASIE within the OESE/OIE managed Task Order structure, following the OESE/CONNECT/OCIO Project Management, and proven shared Project Management, Change Management and Partner Support Center (PSC) methodologies.

This requirement also covers incremental improvements to EASIE.  The contractor shall propose an approach to make these incremental improvements over the five years of the order.


This section contains the objectives to be achieved by the contractor in the three areas of data management services, improvement technology services and stakeholder support services.

The overall objectives of this order are to collect accurate applications for Formula Grant EASIE (in two parts) so that OIE can review and approve the applications, and accurately allocate the funds for EASIE, and collect an APR as accountability for the spending of the grant money, at the lowest cost to ED and lowest burden to grantees.

Some specific objectives during the timeframe of this BPA are:

  • Reduce review time for OIE review staff time and improve quality of reviews by enhancing the EASIE application and support services processes.
  • Streamline the process of how G5 and EASIE interface.
  • Improve availability of the data from applicants and grantees, without the need for OIE to open individual PDFs.
  • Streamline the collection of data from applicants and grantees creating greater efficiencies amongst all stakeholders, and data-driven decision-making at the program level.

Data Management Services

The contractor shall support the OIE in obtaining timely, complete, and accurate data on the Indian Education Formula Grant Program from applicants and grantees.

  • Clearance – The contractor shall support OIE with the NIA and paperwork clearance process, as needed.
  • Database – The contractor shall ensure the database is prepared for each phase and transferred to the next phase.
  • Data Quality – The contractor shall supply files for data quality reviews by OIE prior to and during each Part. Data quality review corrections include, but are not limited to, capitalization (especially where it would affect sort), entity name, PR award number, entity address, NCES numbers, UEI numbers, phone numbers or fax numbers.
  • Management reports – The contractor shall ensure OIE has the data required to operate the EASIE program in a timely and quality manner. This includes review process and data quality reviews.
  • Analytic tickets – The contractor shall ensure EASIE data will be readily accessible to answer OGC, Congressional, ED stakeholders, the Native American Council for Indian Education (NACIE), Tribal Entities or State Educational Agencies as required.
  • EDFacts Reports – The contractor shall provide reports for data from OIEs.

The period of performance for this order shall be one 12-month base year, with four (4) one-year option periods.

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