Following a year of success that included added a several senior execs including a key automation and Zero Trust SME, securing its GSA 70, an expansion into Huntsville, and being led by a CEO named as an Engage Homeland & National Security Honoree, culture amidst growth and change is key. Find out how this team stands out, drives continuity and its future commitment. 

Trust at the Core 

Trust forms the foundation of the Disruptive culture.  You see it in our interactions with leadership, across the team, with our partners, and clients. We lean forward from a trust perspective – which can be risky, but we believe it’s worth the risk to build a business we truly believe in.  Driven by our core value and ethics, Disruptive purposefully hires talent that we empower and trust to make the right decision when it comes to our customers, the solutions we deliver and how we collaborate as a team.  

Standing Out from the Crowd 

Responsiveness and personal touch are two things that make Disruptive Solutions unique.  It starts with our leaders and is pervasive throughout our teams. Emails are answered. Phone calls are picked up, or voicemails returned quickly. Texts are answered, usually within minutes; and it’s not because “it’s the boss calling.” Across the board, everyone is there for each other and we place great importance on being responsive to partners and customers. It goes back to trust and respect. You can trust that you will get a response and if you need something, someone will help. Our partners trust us with information and trust that we will be a value added teammate. Our clients trust that we listen and learn, we understand their missions, their challenges and the environments they work in and they trust that we will bring a solution that is the best value to meet their needs.   

Our onboarding process ensures that Disruptive’s core values are well understood.  As an example, if you ask any employee in our company, most, if not all, have received a personal phone call, or phone calls from our President, Chris Arbore. Whether it be during the interview/hiring process, during their onboarding, or just some random day to check in. Regardless of their role or seniority, each employee is empowered to reach directly to Chris and the rest of our leadership. With such a dispersed workforce, we believe it is important to have “high touch” with each and every employee and encourages our leaders and managers to try to touch base regularly to ensure each employee feels heard and feels empowered to bring both ideas and concerns to any of us directly.  If and when they call, we answer and we respond.  

Hiring Drives Continuity in Culture 

As we grow hiring the right people ensures our culture remains. If we hire the right people who embody our values and embrace our culture, they will help to perpetuate that culture in the teams they lead and the talent they hire. It starts at the top but it is our job to demonstrate and stress the importance our culture brings to enable us to grow and be the organization we strive to be. We want to continue to be a company that our people want to work for and our partners and clients want to work with.  

Interaction with Clients and Partners

Our business has been built and has grown through our trusted, long-standing relationships with our partners. If you were to ask our clients and partners, we believe you would hear that we can be trusted to deliver, to be honest and transparent, to be helpful, and to put our clients’ needs above our own. They would also say that we are responsive and extremely collaborative. This is the foundation of who we are and we conduct ourselves the same way both internally and externally.   

The Future 

One thing that won’t change – we will always be responsive and we will always do the right thing by our clients and partners.  Transparent, collaborative relationships will continue to drive our growth.  If anything changes, I think a more cohesive and visible corporate culture will emerge. Our team will be better enabled to articulate what our culture is and what keeps them working with Disruptive.  

As we grow, we are trying to keep the feeling of family. At the core of Disruptive, we value our own families and each others’ families. We are extremely focused on enabling a healthy and strong work-life balance and encourage our employees to find what helps them strike that balance. We value each person as part of the larger Disruptive family and know that we can’t do this alone…… 


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