Notice ID 70SBUR23C00000009
Related Notice Final_RFP_ASC_USCIS_28Dec2022
Contract Award Date: Sep 22, 2023
Contract Award Number: 70SBUR23C00000009
Task/Delivery Order Number:
Contractor Awarded Unique Entity ID: QEMLRQA7PLG4
Contractor Awarded Name: AMENTUM SERVICES, INC.
Contractor Awarded Address: Chantilly, VA 20151 USA
Base and All Options Value (Total Contract Value): $282,460,262.42

The Office of Contracting (OCON) awarded a contract to Amentum, Services, Inc for Application Support Center (ASC) in support of the Office of Identity & Immigration and Management Division (IIMD) within the Immigration Records & Immigration Services Directorate (IRIS). The total contract period of performance (POP) is 09/29/2023 to 06/29/2028. This contract is a continuation of the Application Support Center function under the (IIMD) ASC program. One of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service’s primary responsibilities is to administer and manage ASC’s and related operations. ASCs collect applicant biometric and biographical data (e.g. digital fingerprints, photographs, and signatures) throughout the application processes.

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