Excella, a pioneer in Agile technology solutions, today announced that the company has been awarded a spot on the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s (FERC) ten-year Data Support Services (DSS) Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) with a ceiling of $112 million. Through this BPA, Excella will help strengthen FERC’s ability to efficiently and effectively use internal and external data assets to regulate energy markets and promote the development of safe, reliable, and efficient energy infrastructure.

Over the course of the ten-year agreement, Excella will partner with FERC to transform its data environment, better enabling the Commission’s mission of helping consumers obtain safe and secure energy at a reasonable cost. Excella also secured the first two call orders for the BPA, which began on April 22, 2022 and August 2, 2022 respectively. These orders require Excella to provide data governance, data engineering and data products across FERC. Additionally, Excella will research, procure and deploy a flexible, scalable solution that provides FERC with capabilities to discover, develop, share, and manage a comprehensive inventory of its data and execute data governance procedures.

Excella will use Agile principles and practices to adapt FERC’s environment to the continuously increasing volume and complexity of data while adhering to federal security standards. This BPA will focus on development of the building blocks of a cloud-based platform and consumable data products for end users.

“As Excella’s first contract with FERC, the DSS BPA represents an exciting opportunity to use the expertise housed in our three primary offerings—AI and analytics, modern software delivery and organizational transformation—to modernize the data capabilities of the Commission and build data products that will enable internal and external users to make data driven decisions,” said Jimmy Benani, Vice President of Excella’s Federal Health and Civilian markets.

Excella will leverage its experience developing cloud-based systems for federal and commercial clients to help FERC advance data governance, access and analytics, improving the speed and efficacy of decision-making.

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