BAA – LRN | The JMC team will work with the CDC Laboratory Response Network (LRN) to create a bundle of supporting materials to support a suite of software tools that will help the 120 US LRN laboratories leverage emerging Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) capabilities. The project includes a pilot of these tools with a small number of representative LRN laboratories. 

FLULIMS | JMC will continue the implementation and enhancement and operations and maintenance of NCIRD’s LIMS system, plus the systems and integrations that make up the Influenza Laboratory Information System (FLULIMS) Ecosystem. The FLULIMS system is critical to the CDC’s ability to evolve the science, processes, and tools to keep up with the influenza detection and vaccination needs of our increasingly global and mobile population. 

BAA – SARS COV-2 | JMC will work with CDC to build a secure national data sharing public health network to resolve the current challenges in rapidly sharing next generation sequence (NGS) data and metadata for SARS-CoV-2. This network will be extensible for other conditions and will enable public health laboratories to share knowledge and tools freely and confidently, while securely maintaining control over what information is being released and to whom.” 

Source: J Michael Consulting 


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