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White Paper Request

Interested parties are requested to submit a capabilities statement in the format of a White Paper as outlined below. The White Paper should be concise (no more than 5 pages) and address only the information requested below (title pages, cover letter, etc., will not count against the 5-page limit). Again, this information will support market research activities within Department of Treasury.

The Balanced Budget Act of 1997 requires the Secretary of the Treasury to assume certain responsibilities for the pension plans of District of Columbia retired police officers, firefighters, teachers, and judges.  These responsibilities, which have been delegated by the Secretary to the Office of D.C. Pensions, include investment and management of fund assets, distribution of certain pension benefits, and management control and benefits administration of these pension plans.

As part of its responsibilities under the Act, Office of D.C. Pensions (ODCP) is leading the development, implementation and operation of an integrated pension/payroll system called The System to Administer Retirement (STAR).  ODCP has successfully deployed 7 STAR releases.  STAR Release 5 marked the last major release.

STAR is based on the 9.2 version of Oracle/PeopleSoft pension and payroll modules.  STAR supports the pension benefits administration for the annuitants covered by the District of Columbia Judges’, Police Officers’ and Firefighters’, and Teachers’ Retirement Plans.  With the deployment of release 5, STAR is also able to split the benefits payments into the federal and district portions for all payments moving forward.

The Bureau of the Fiscal Service through its Office of Information Systems Security is responsible for the current system hosting and production support and will be responsible for supporting the next deployed functionality once it is in production.   The new production support contractor will work with Fiscal Service and the Technical Support Team for operational support of the STAR system.  Fiscal Service will leverage this contract to maintain and enhance STAR.  Additionally, the production support contractor will be responsible for developing and deploying new functionality.  STAR’s standard business cycle includes monthly and quarterly migrations.  Monthly migrations generally include data and query changes.  Quarterly migrations include the same as monthly migrations and also include change requests for new requirements/software, fixes for implemented requirements/software, and may include upgrades to the underlying COTS software.  All quarterly migrations follow a rigorous set of unit, system, and regression testing prior to migration.

The objective of this statement of work is to obtain contractor IT services to provide supplemental support for the Fiscal Service Technical Support Team and the services it provides in the areas of:

General production support:

  • Problem management
  • Application maintenance
  • System and database administration
  • Application development
  • Application implementation
  • Test administration
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Application analysis
  • Test administration
  • Special projects

Production Support and Upgrade Services

  • The Bureau of the Fiscal Service’s Technical Support Team is self-sufficient in operating and maintaining STAR where contractor support was provided.
  • Updated system documentation, tracking logs and electronic library reflect the current production environment where contractor support is provided.

The period of performance for this requirement will be for one base year and four option years.

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