The IRS is looking for a business partner to work with TE/GE staff to:

  • Explore and learn specifics of the work related to Form 990 redaction and posting process.
  • Understand how employees interact with the current system(s).
  • Understand how the current systems works and interacts with established IRS processes and systems.

The core objective of this effort is the design, development, and implementation of a modern, technology-enabled work process to enhance the Form 990 data redaction process. The IRS expects that the final implementation will be an efficient and cost-effective solution that:

  • Minimizes or ideally eliminates the risk of a data leakage due to improper redaction.
  • Reduces processing times.
  • Reduces the cost to operate the overall work process.
  • Reduces required human inputs into the redaction process.
  • Eliminates redundant or nonfunctional work processes


  1. Work closely with TE/GE employees and the TEOS Product Owner to perform regular user research to develop and prioritize a full gamut of user stories related to the Form 990 redaction and posting process.
  2. Work with the IRS IT Department to understand the project technical “guardrails” (e.g., available software, security requirements, current infrastructure). For more information regarding guardrails please see Section 5.0.
  3. Develop multiple implementation options that consider user needs and address them within existing IRS technical guardrails.
  4. Implement solutions as approved by both the Product Owner and IRS IT.
  5. Deliver a minimum viable product for user testing and feedback with six (6) months of contract award (three (3) months of Phase 2 kickoff)
  6. Establish an operational system within nine (9) months of contract award. 7. Scale design approach to other TEOS priority use cases as defined by the TEOS Product Owner

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