In the last 90 days, US government websites saw 4.77 billion visits. calculated this staggering number. Dashboard users can view the number of visits to government sites by the hour and broken down by a variety of categories. The tool gathers web traffic from ~400 government domains across over 5,500 websites. is one component of the Digital Analytics Program (DAP). DAP helps agencies understand how people find, access, and use government digital services. The Technology Transformation Services (TTS) provides DAP within the General Services Administration (GSA). The shared service provides federal agencies with powerful analytics tools, training, and support.

GSA awarded Fearless a prime sole source contract to continue this important work. Long-term incumbent, MetroStar is supporting Fearless

Together, we’re providing the Digital Analytics Program with professional web analytics services, help desk support, and customer service. To support DAP’s 2,500+ user community, we’re onboarding new customers and resolving user issues. We’re also helping increase the analytics maturity and outcomes of federal web teams. Our team is supporting the continuous monitoring and reporting of DAP’s data quality and web analytics.

Digital Analytics as a shared service

“People rely on federal websites for all kinds of things, whether they’re getting tracking information from the US Postal Service or updates on the ongoing public health emergencies from the Centers for Disease Control,” said Fearless’ Federal Civilian Portfolio Director, Robert Testerman. “DAP allows agencies to measure the effectiveness of their public-facing information and services so they can continuously improve. We’re proud to support this critical shared service at Fearless.”

As the prime contractor supporting both and, Fearless knows how impactful shared services like DAP can be. They can help the government serve people more efficiently, while improving customer experiences. DAP helps agencies do exactly that, and all public-facing federal websites run by executive branch agencies are required to use its JavaScript code. Through our work on the shared service, we’ll have the opportunity to support agencies across the federal government.

“When shared services like DAP are operating at their full potential, they can transform the way that government serves its people,” Robert said. “They can help aggregate functions and resources across agencies, leading to huge cost savings. At the same time, they can also streamline user experiences, making them more consistent across government.”

We’re proud to support GSA’s Digitial Analytics Program at Fearless. Our work on the shared service will help get federal agencies the support, training, and data they need to better serve the public. And in this way, we’ll support GSA’s vision to provide “effective and efficient Government for the American people.”

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