Time is Ticking to Submit Elev8 GovCon Honoree Nominations!  

Nominations close December 1, 2022 for this award that recognizes those companies that stand out from the competition based on their actions and the impact they and their leaders have on their employees, and as part of the larger GovCon community.

Meet the initial 2023 Elev8 GovCon™ Honorees and learn more about how you can Nominate a Deserving Company to join the 2023 list. 

In case you need an example of a company that is doing it the right way, here is insight from one OS Elev8 GovCon Honoree:   

Upcoming GovCon Partner Opportunities 

Included below are a few recent research requests followed by some comments related to a few potential FY 23 recompetes and potential partners.        

And, because winning can be all about partners:      

Check out a recent comment from firms and individuals looking at OS AI Research:   

The latest OS AI Know Thy Competitorsegment:     

BD 1 – “We specialize in AI & ML!”  BD 2 – “Really, my company does too!” Show me over Tell Me. Firms sitting at the intersection of IA at Treasury/IRS, DHS, NIH, DOC and DOD, amongst others, should be paying attention as the message this 8(a) EDWOSB, 8(a) STARS III/OASIS SB Prime and major UiPath partner is delivering is clearly resonating. 

Their SMOTM philosophy, which entails producing Minimum Viable Products (MVPs), not boring “solution decks”, has not only earned them a Prime spot on several significant RPA/IA BPA/IDIQ contracts, but it is also netting them all important task order wins and, as importantly, repeat buyers. 

Do you know which small Data and Analytics, IA and Cloud Management provider are talking about? Check them out here – https://bit.ly/3tfODbc 

We have heard from many sources that employees across all ages and fields are seeking meaningful work, and the opportunity to work for companies that are concerned about more than their bottom line. While the best forms of giving back stem from the ground up, from causes your own team has an interest in, we have been compiling a list of the organizations we have seen the GovCon community supporting. In recognition of the upcoming Giving Tuesday, here we share that list to help you get started in thinking about where and how you might support the community outside of your own walls. 


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