Awardee Name: AITHERAS LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY Unique Entity ID: Z1BZMDHQQJR9 Total Contract Value: $14,726,679.91 Action Obligation: $1,500,000.00 Department Name: JUSTICE, DEPARTMENT OF Funding Agency: OFFICES, BOARDS AND DIVISIONS Funding Office: POLICY PLANNING STAFF (JMD) Description: dea data analytics support Number of Bidders: 4 Award ID: 15JPSS22F00000629 Referenced IDV ID: 15JPSS19A00000035 More here.

Small Business Aitheras beat out 10 other bidders to win a 7-year, $12M contract from the Environmental Protection Agency for Enterprise Content Management System (ECMS) support. The contract was awarded using the GSA MAS contract vehicle. Awardee Name: AITHERAS, LLC Contract Duration: 84 months Total Contract Value: $11,664,299.00 Funding Agency: ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY Number of Bidders: 11 Award ID: 68HERD21F0166 […]
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