Red Team’s Tris Carpenter shares first take on FY25 Budget – Emerging Tech, winners and losers, and the election year impact

In this short video, Tris Carpenter, General Manager for Strategic Growth at Red Team Consulting, provides his quick take on the proposed FY25 federal budget and its implications for government IT and consulting contractors – learn how the money is being spent, as well as which agencies are the winners (and which did not fare so well).

Topics discussed during the interview include:

  • Overview of the FY25 federal budget and discretionary spending.
  • Analysis of IT and emerging technology funding, including cybersecurity and AI.
  • Implications of budget constraints and the Fiscal Responsibility Act.
  • Potential impacts of the upcoming election year on budget negotiations.
  • Strategies for government contractors in response to budget changes.


If you’d like to see the slides shared in the video, click here.

To get in touch with Tris, connect with him on LinkedIn.

And to learn more about or reach out to Red Team Consulting, visit their LinkedIn page.


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