During a recent conversation, Blake Harvey, Vice President of Growth at Red Team Consulting, discussed an upcoming event organized by GSA and ACT-IAC related to the Alliant 3 procurement. The event aims to facilitate collaboration between large primes and small businesses, particularly those with emerging technology solutions. Attendees can engage in matchmaking sessions and gain insights into a specific requirement of the Alliant 3 RFP regarding small business engagement. Blake highlights the inclusive nature of the event, open to both ACT-IAC members and non-members, emphasizing the importance of fostering collaboration between industry and government. He also provides updates on the Alliant 3 timeline and encourages companies to carefully consider their strategy for pursuing the contract.

Topics discussed during the interview include:

  • Overview of the upcoming event organized by GSA and ACT-IAC focused on Alliant 3.
  • Explanation of a specific requirement in the Alliant 3 RFP related to small business engagement.
  • Updates on the Alliant 3 timeline and strategic considerations for companies pursuing the contract.


If you’re interested in attending this event, click here for more information and to register.

If you’d like to discuss Alliant 3 or other procurements with Blake, connect with him via LinkedIn.

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