Following a successful 2023, in which National Government Services maintained its reputation of strong customer-focused delivery, was named an Elev8 GovCon Honoree, and volunteered over 6,000 hours to communities with a focus on health equity, housing disparity, homelessness, and food insecurity, we sat down with Jane Hite-Syed, Chief Operating Officer of National Government Services (NGS) to learn what happens behind the scenes to foster a robust organizational culture that produces strong results.

Founded in Intent and Growing

For more than 50 years, NGS has supported CMS, focusing on serving the Medicare Part A and Part B Program providers and beneficiaries. This dedication and focus have continued over the evolution of the Medicare Program and grown NGS to a team of more than 1,700 associates and several critical programs.

The company’s role over time and expansion of services has expanded to include the delivery of business process solutions and digital health solutions across many CMS offices and other health-focused agencies. A recent NGS opportunity with HRSA provided the privilege of supporting the National Public Health Emergency. “NGS was proud to support our nation and HRSA in response to the National Public Health Emergency by communicating with and educating the nation’s health centers serving underprivileged and underserved populations and supporting the dissemination of COVID-19 vaccines, masks, and therapeutics.”

The HRSA program leveraged NGS’ experience and knowledge in program administration, data analytics, and outreach communications to increase the speed of the HRSA Response Programs’ mission to ensure equitable access to critical COVID-19 supplies to 1,130 health centers with over 2,500 sites.

Five decades of service to beneficiaries, providers, and stakeholders of the Medicare Program has built a depth of knowledge for this dedicated team. This knowledge includes how to effectively manage critical relationships; direct, develop, and follow payment policy; and utilize technology to improve access to care. “That intimate relationship with our providers and beneficiaries is critical for NGS to deliver service in a way that makes sense. Understanding the human factor is pivotal to delivering exceptional service.”

NGS has widely adopted human-centered design (HCD) and invested in creating an NGS Labs Team to spearhead IT innovation to solve business challenges and capitalize on new opportunities. Together, NGS Labs, and our IT and business teams link to explore how technology can enhance the total user experience, whether it be the provider, the analyst, the associate, or any stakeholder.

People First

Serving a broad range of end users and understanding its role in delivering services to key populations, NGS focuses on attracting, hiring, and retaining associates strongly committed to exemplary service and who have the mindset of working for good. The company seeks to understand what potential candidates value and their long-term goals to ensure a cultural fit.

Once onboarded, the conversation changes from What can you do for us? to What can we do for you? “Our associates are our greatest asset. We invest in associate development, enhanced tools, and monthly cultural activities delivered by our leadership team. These cultural activities range from discussing accountability, agility, and integrity to diversity and inclusiveness in the workplace.”

In 2023, Jane started a series called “Making Time for Tea,” which brings together a small group of cross-functional associates and focuses on getting to know one another in a relaxed, informal setting and discussing top-of-mind issues. The meeting typically ends with asking the associates to share some positive events, whether personal or professional.” While this will take some time with 1,700 associates, it demonstrates the culture of listening, inclusion, and acceptance that NGS has worked to achieve.

NGS also has a social responsibility program that identifies and invites people to connect, volunteer, and collaborate while doing something good to benefit the community. NGS shines in this area, as shown by their 6,000+ annual hours of volunteerism.

Cultural Top-of-Mind, and Action

“Everything starts with a single associate and the impact they can have on others. Regular communication, culture conversations, associate development, Making Time for Tea, and opportunities for giving back have all helped to boost associate engagement. As a result, the team culture is one where everyone works, plays, and gives back together.”

Ensuring that people have enough time to focus on the essential aspects of their jobs while maintaining a sense of satisfaction is important. This is accomplished in part by reducing the number of meetings to only those necessary for a particular project or task, allowing individuals to prioritize their duties, and eliminating other tasks. It is essential that everyone feels they are making the most of their time, working on important tasks rather than feeling overwhelmed by competing and mundane demands. Associates also benefit from “meeting-free Friday afternoons,” allowing them to catch up on their work or career development.

The Partner Ask

As NGS grows and expands its reach into new agencies, the company is looking for innovative partners who can fill gaps in capabilities. Trust and collaboration are essential factors for NGS in any relationship. NGS is interested in working with companies prioritizing their associates and delivering exceptional service to federal health agencies and their beneficiaries, veterans, and consumers.

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