GovPro AI’s Alex Cohen – this unique AI proposal writing tool will keep you out of the kitchen

The AI proposal writing tool and approach that will keep you out of the kitchen
I like sandwiches made for me. Do you? The tsunami of new AI proposal writing tools can be hard to wade through, so OS AI’s David Blackburn jumped at the chance to sit down with GovPro AI’s Alex Cohen to discuss their unique offering and value proposition which allows small and mid-tier firms to leverage the power of AI without getting their hands dirty.


In this interview, Alex Cohen, founder of GovPro AI, talks about his company’s innovative approach to transforming government proposal writing using AI. GovPro AI focuses on simplifying the RFP response process for small to midsize companies by delivering pre-vetted, high-quality draft proposals, saving customers significant time. Unlike other AI tools that require users to learn complex prompts, GovPro AI offers a business-ready solution, handling the AI setup and customization.

Topics discussed during the interview include:

  • GovPro AI’s unique approach to government proposal writing.
  • Benefits of AI in simplifying the RFP response process.
  • Differences between GovPro AI and other AI proposal writing tools.
  • Tips for adopting AI in daily workflows.
  • Hype versus reality in AI applications, particularly in government contracting.


If you’d like to connect with Alex, visit his LinkedIn profile here.
If you’d like to learn more about GovPro AI, visit their website here.

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