While not overly significant in terms of size, small business is expected to closely watch and evaluate the upcoming RFP for the recompete of this 5-year CISA contract to provide law enforcement & international reporting services.

The incumbent on this contract is AVER, who was last awarded a 5-year task order in September of 2019. A focus for that task, which was competed and awarded on the DHS Program Management, Acquisition and Technical Support Services BPA, was to gather and synthesize immigration status information that can be correlated to biometric-related queries from stakeholders in a near real-time operational environment. Contract Details and Spend to Date can be found here (70RCSA19FC0000008). 

The latest word out of DHS is that an RFP for the next iteration of this contract is expected to be released in early to mid-July on GSA MAS as a SB set-aside action.

Additional Background Scope for the new contract 

  • Task 1 – The contractor shall provide qualified support and prepare monthly reports with IOD, for the Information Sharing and Reporting (ISR) Branch. ISR is the primary liaison between OBIM and the law enforcement and intelligence communities, dealing with ongoing operational information sharing. ISR enables stakeholders to utilize IDENT/HART for their operations. It provides biometric research and contextual data to law enforcement, the Intelligence Community, external agencies, and foreign country partners. The Branch also assists with formal information sharing agreements. ISR coordinates the promotion of individuals to the IDENT/HART biometric watchlist and coordinates with other agencies to ensure that the IDENT watchlist represents the totality of relevant information about individuals listed. Under this contract tasks set forth in the areas below:  
  • Task 2 – Law Enforcement Analysis, Reporting and Data Analysis  
  • Task 3 Information Sharing and Reporting (ISR)  
  • Task 4 The contractor shall meet the following Information Sharing and Reporting Service Metrics:  
  • Goal 1: Coordinate Domestic and International Data Sharing Initiatives and reporting.  
  • Goal 2: Provide Manual Coordination of biographic information sharing with foreign and domestic stakeholders.  
  • Goal 3: Assist in the detection of Identity Fraud Activities and reporting.  
  • Goal 4: Assist and track the implementation of Operational Requirements for international and domestic data sharing initiatives.  
  • Goal 5: Facilitate the delivery and presentation of data analysis relating to OBIM’s international information sharing efforts to ISR and OBIM Leadership.  
  • Goal 6: Provide Operational Support to Relevant Stakeholders to advance international information sharing programs.  
  • Goal 7: Assist in data exploitation and integrity efforts for terrorism and criminal data sets for the Intelligence and Law Enforcement Communities. Subject Matter Experts (SME) assigned by the contractor shall accurately and concisely research and provide contextual data to OBIM’s domestic and international stakeholders as well as provide written case details for an Executive level audience.  
  • Task 5 Systems Business Operations (SBO)  
  • Task 6 Operational Reporting 

More will be shared when and if additional information is provided.  

Key Points of Contact (Current or Past) 

Pro Tip 1 Have capabilities and/or relationships that might prove valuable? Comment below to let others know you are interested.  

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