Last Call: Elev8 GovCon awards!      

This week marks your FINAL chance to nominate for this award that recognizes those companies that embrace a corporate culture and model of citizenship that demonstrates excellence, making them a beacon for talent, for partners, and for clients.        

Meet the initial 2023 Elev8 GovCon™ Honorees and learn more about how you can Nominate a Deserving Company to join the 2023 list. Note: The deadline for nominations has been extended until December 16th. This is it. 

Interested in helping set the bar for Elev8 GovCon?  

We are seeking a few more reviewers to help evaluate the submissions before we release the next list of honorees in early January. Have a bit of time between now and the holidays? Interested in helping set the bar for doing GovCon #therightway? Message us today at

In case you need an example of a company that is doing it the right way, here is insight from one OS Elev8 GovCon Honoree:   

Upcoming GovCon Partner Opportunities 

Included below are a few recent research requests related to a few potential FY 23 recompetes and potential partners, along with a key insight piece.        

And because winning can be all about partnerships, or what those partners have access to:   

Check out recent comments from firms and individuals looking at OS AI Research:         

The latest OS AI Know Thy Competitorsegment:     

On the heels of their latest wins in support of DHS OIG, and led by an executive team that includes a former SES/Veterans Affairs Deputy Chief Information Officer (CIO) and EPA Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), this 8(a) certified Professional Services organization is drawing a lot of interest of late from firms looking for emerging small business partner options 

Do you know which small business that focuses on Management Consulting, IT Solutions and Learning & Development, in the Health, Defense, and Civilian sectors we are talking about?  Check the answer out here – 

As we near the holiday season many companies will be finalizing employee bonuses, or perhaps even gifts, but it is also worth considering something more personal. Take a look at this article titled: Notes of Appreciation Can Boost Individual and Team Morale. We don’t recommend rushing to put something like this together now but imagine what a start to the year could look like for your team, or perhaps as they are heading into a stressful project, with a note that helps them see their strengths, focus attention on what is working, and confirm that you see them, and that they matter.


Understand that winning in business requires good partners? And that good partners combine good culture; have the trust of employees, clients and industry; and often solidify this through a DNA focused on giving back? Sign up for the weekly GovCon Grove newsletter to find out who is ‘doing it right’ and in what ways.


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