Updated April 6, 2023

Included below is a revised and filterable Excel document with all identified joint ventures, UEI, site links, and some notes.

This is being shared publicly for the benefit of any business, large or small, to be able to find partners, team and better prepare to compete on upcoming task orders. Please note that this is NOT in any way an official NITAAC or government document, so use it at your own risk.

Download the document here

OS AI Note: These are known or reported Joint Ventures that OrangeSlices AI has identified as of April 5, 2023. There are more, but if we missed anything or got something wrong, please let us know – at support@orangeslices.ai – we aim to get it right 100% of the time.

A few high-level observations and notes:

Duplicate Contracts – One way to get access to a vehicle is to win it, but a second way to get in is by way of acquisition. Some companies that have been acquired in the past year or so stand to hold more than one Prime contract when awarded. These firms are certain to already be fielding inquiries from those offering to take one of their contracts off their hands. Octo/IBM, GRSI/DLH, and Dovel/Guidehouse are just three examples. Once officially awarded, the value of these contracts will be at an all-time high as the number of parties interested in gaining access to a GWAC with a 10-year runway will be large.

5 more years of Runway – From Sparksoft, Alpha Omega, and RELI Group to Steampunk, Softrams, and Unissant, some of the most formidable and successful small businesses over the past few years across the broader Federal Health, National Security and Federal Civilian sector snuck in under the wire and will now have an additional 5-year runway. These large qualifying small businesses have proven time and again that they belong and they will be favorites to take down their fair share of wins.

New SB Primes set to make noise – While there was a lot of talk about there being nothing but Joint Ventures winning a Prime spot (and oh my, there were a bunch), the field is still chocked full of rapidly emerging and quite capable small businesses. From Anika, Global Alliant, Sprezzatura, and Amivero, to C-HIT, Skyward, BridgePhase, and Niyam IT, the competitive field will include some new faces who have proven they are capable of supporting some of the largest and most high-profile transformation and modernization efforts taking place today across the Federal sector today.

New Emerging Large Business Pool Making Larges Nervous – NITAAC should receive a lot of credit for creating an award category that is exclusively set aside for emerging mid-sized businesses. How much and how often NITAAC and their customers will leverage this pool is still to be seen, but what this pool has no shortage of is talent. From CVP, Brillient, and 22nd Century, to Ad Hoc, Dev Technology Group, Synergy and REI Systems, this group of several dozen companies provides the government with a compelling choice when choosing how to compete large enterprise contracts. The agility, speed, and more personal level of support that comes with a mid-tier, coupled with the proven ability to handle top-tier mission-critical programs and systems, will be enticing.

The pool is not as big as it seems – Yes there are more than 400 companies here, but viewing the list in alphabetical order, it is clear to see that there are many companies that hold one or more position as a Prime or as part of a JV or CTA – over/under – large/small. When it comes to bidding, this has the potential to limit the competition as these companies will be forced to decide how and with whom they want to respond to a requirement with.

Have your own thoughts? Contact us or comment below and let us know what you think.

Added April 3, 2023

The ink was barely dry on last week’s “preliminary” notice of apparent successful offerors, when OS AI started fielding requests trying to understand a bit more about the firms who are slated to be the eventual awardees on this $50B GWAC. We hate PDFs as much as you do, so included here we share a detailed spreadsheet outlining the more than 400 companies broken down by the various socio-economic categories, to include some of the many joint ventures we were able to identify.  

ICYMI: The Friday Buzz was BIG 

Followed by some Monday Morning Data. Please note that this is our initial breakdown, and this is NOT in any way an official NITAAC document, so use at your own risk. There was a lot of ground for our analyst to cover here, so if we missed anything or got something wrong, please let us know by commenting below or contacting us at support@orangeslices.ai. We aim to get it right 100% of the time.  

Download the spreadsheet here – Download the latest document here. Having troubles? Email us to request a copy. 

Are you a GovCon Data Nerd?  

If you are doing your own analysis and you are interested in sharing notes, message us. We are happy to share data and see if there are opportunities to collaborate. 

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