A Deep Dive into the June CMS Forecast with JR Glass and Ali Steer

JR Glass, President of GovCon Growth Solutions, and Ali Steer, President of Steer Operational Solutions, return to provide insight into the latest CMS forecast. This month’s forecast showed a notable decrease from last month, highlighting fewer new opportunities. The two discuss the nature of sole-source awards and the significance of consistent engagement with government clients. The conversation also covers how companies, especially small businesses, can adapt to changing procurement practices, including phase procurements and oral challenges. Additionally, the discussion touches on the implications of protests in the procurement process and strategies for small businesses to remain competitive as they grow.

Topics discussed during the interview include:

  • Monthly CMS forecast changes.
  • Sole-source awards and their implications.
  • Strategies for small businesses in government contracting.
  • Trends in government procurement practices.
  • Impact and handling of protests in procurement.

If you’d like to reach out to JR, connect with him on LinkedIn. | Learn More About GovCon Growth Solutions here
If you’d like to reach out to Ali, connect with her on LinkedIn. | Learn More About Steer Operational Solutions here

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