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Elev8 GovCon Awards: The nominations have closed and are now being evaluated. Stay tuned in January for the updated list of companies who are #doingitright. 
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Included below are a few recent research requests followed by some comments related to a few potential FY 23 recompetes and potential partners.           

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When any firm picks up a $170M+ DHS USCIS Next Generation Operations Support contract, industry takes notice. When we see that this same service-disabled Veteran-owned consultancy has had success across nearly every other corner of DHS in 2022 (USCG, TSA, ICE), as well as within DOJ and NIST, we understand this is the type of trend that ensures this VETS 2, OASIS SB and DHS PACTS Prime should be on the radar for any major player at DHS, DOJ and across the broader Federal Civilian sector.

Do you know which rapidly emerging provider of DevSecOps, IT Modernization, Cloud, Financial, and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services, and recent recipient of a DHS Small Business Advocate Award, we are talking about? #dos #dhs See the answer here –     

For some, being a good leader seems to come naturally. Others need to work at it. This article titled “Google Spent a Year Researching Great Managers. The Most Successful Ones Shared These 5 Traits” details the findings of the Project Oxygen team in Google’s People Innovation Lab who spent a whole year gathering more than 10,000 observations about managers–across more than 100 variables. It is worth the read. This tip is just one of many we have noted of late from career coach Adam Broda focused on succeeding as a good leader and driving good culture. You can see this post and more here. Know of someone else we should be following for advice? Message us at


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