In this interview, JR Glass, President of GovCon Growth Solutions, and Ali Steer, President of Steer Operational Solutions, discuss the CMS forecast. They provide insights into their process of analyzing the monthly forecast and share key takeaways from the latest update. They also share trends such as shifts in the number of opportunities, changes in acquisition methods, and the importance of small businesses in government contracting.

Topics discussed during the interview include:

  • Analysis of the CMS forecast and monthly updates.
  • Trends observed in the forecast, including changes in the number of opportunities and acquisition methods.
  • Importance of small businesses and strategies for navigating the procurement process.
  • Recommendations for upcoming events in the CMS space for networking and collaboration.


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If you’d like to reach out to JR, connect with him on LinkedIn.

If you’d like to reach out to Ali, connect with her on LinkedIn.

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