Following its recent rebrand and a string of new awards with the CDC, we caught up with Code360 President Makesh Pitchaipillai to learn more about how a foundation of culture and purpose is driving growth and win after win for this 8(a) small business IT Services company.

Founded in Making Lives Better

Grounded in personal experience and observations that there is yet a lot to be done to leverage data and technology to improve the lives and well-being of Americans, from the outset, Code360 focused on bringing together talent with a goal to utilize technology to get the right data into the right hands, of integrating and analyzing information and positioning it for use in decision making.

“There are massive amounts of data, numerous data exchanges and a growing list of Government systems and IoT devices. The challenge is in getting the right data into the right hands, of sharing it and getting it to the stakeholders and users who are frontline and can use information to treat their individual patients. We are missing the data share between large systems and community level users.”

With massive amounts of data available, identifying and moving the right data is critical. ‘We have the technologies and we have incredible talent in this country so why is the valuable information not being effectively shared across communities especially we are in the world where we have advanced technologies to securely collaborate and share?”

New Face, Same Focus

With capabilities that include data interoperability, analytics, statistics, and cloud engineering along with past performance in IT governance, Code360 is positioned to drive forward movement. “Dealing with government systems, the data and people’s personal information must be secure and used in a right way. Data interoperability, Analytics, Information exchange along with secured governance practices and innovative cloud technologies are integral components of this.”

Bringing forward its purpose and goal to make an impact, Code360’s rebrand focused on illustrating the ripple effect this team is working to create. “We have aligned our capabilities and aligned our work with agencies within HHS, including CDC and CMS, towards achieving our vision or creating a ripple effect that will improve lives. We know we cannot fix the whole problem but if we can make a small impact, the positive results will grow and expand far beyond our center.”

Saying the intent is to stay focused, to not be distracted by adding work with multiple agencies, Code360 for now looks to hone its efforts within the agencies it currently supports, adding additional efforts, new partners, but aligned with the same goals of improving health and well-being.

Partner at the Table

As an 8(a) and HUBZone, Code360 recognizes its value on paper, but also what it offers as a partner focused on data analytics, statistics and interoperability, cloud technologies and IT governance, backed by past performance in the government space and with a public health focus that can help larger and mid-tier firms bridge gaps.

Armed with success as a successful and growing 8(a), the company also offers perspective to help mentor smaller businesses with their own growth plans and trajectory.

Strong Foundation for the Future

Beyond building its capabilities and past performance, Code360 is committed to building a stable foundation of culture and purpose. That will include a focus on projects that do good, but also mentorship to young entrepreneurs, engaging with and inspiring youth at the high school level and community giving and engagement. “We are still very small and know we are just getting started but we are committed to ensuring our foundation is established the right way to support our future growth.”


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