First Cohort of Elev8 GovCon Honorees Announced. Nominations are Now open! 

Recognizing those Government Contracting companies who are Doing It the Right Way

Contractors supporting the federal government are helping to drive forward some of the most critical missions across the US and abroad today. While many established companies have long been aligned with the missions of their focus agencies, this alone is no longer enough. Here we recognize 13 companies that have been identified as embracing a corporate culture and model of citizenship that demonstrates excellence, making them a beacon for talent, for partners, and for clients. 

Meet the initial 2023 Elev8 GovCon™ Honorees and learn more about how you can Nominate a Deserving Company to join the 2023 list.

Winning business in the crazy, hypercompetitive, wonderfully mission focused GovCon sector is hard enough. Finding partners who do it the right way can be even harder.  

Upcoming GovCon Partner Opportunities

Included below are a few recent research requests followed by some comments related to a few potential FY 23 recompetes and potential partners.        

20 top RFP/RFQ Targets for the Food and Drug Administration in 2023   

Fresh Squeezed Daily: CMS Data Collection, Management and Reporting System Support Opp   

15 Top RFP/RFQ Targets in 2023 at the Department of State   

Fresh Squeezed Daily: $40M+ Defense Health Agency Enterprise IT and Network Services Modernization Project Management Support Opp   

A dozen top RFP/RFQ Targets for DHS Customers and Border Protection (CBP) in 2023   

Deliberation from Day One has led to Success for this SB and CMS SPARC Prime, and Success for the Communities it Supports 

24 of the top RFP/RFQ Targets for National Institutes of Health (NIH) in 2023 – Part I 

And, because winning can be all about partners:      

30 HHS-Focused Woman-Owned Small Businesses making noise as we enter FY 2023   

And because it can be all about the access agencies have to you:   

Fed Civilian and Health agencies such as DHS, HHS, DHA and VA leverage easy button when procuring RPA and AI services and solutions   

Check out a recent comment from firms and individuals looking at OS AI Research:   

If you say Baltimore and Digital Services and don’t know…you have not been paying attention  Re: Know Thy Competitor 

The latest OS AI Know Thy Competitorsegment:     

What Baltimore team wears Purple and appears capable of scoring from nearly every part of the field? Hint: we are not talking about the Ravens. In this case we are talking about a Digital Services firm that has been racking up win after win after win in 2022, from CMS and CDC to SBA, NARA, OPM and DOD. From mentoring small business and supporting the local tech ecosystem, to investing in local youth by supporting STEM education and providing grants geared toward non-profits focused on making a real, positive impact on the local community, the message this group delivers around giving back not only stands out in a crowded field, but it is also clearly resonating with the Federal government. Do you know who we are talking about? Click to see if you are right =>    

We know good leaders are always trying to find ways to do better. This recent post by community of SEVEN shared its 7 C’s to building a winning team. Have other sources you follow for good advice or intel? Message us so we can follow them as well.  


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